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Ewww, don't link to Polygon. They're one of the sites that are declaring war on gamers.
2 days ago by trachy
My ranking of the 5 smash demo characters: 5. Pikachu 4. Link 3. Villager 2. Mario 1. Mega Man.
2 days ago by hotcakes
4 days ago by CWegz
I want 3,139 points right now!
4 days ago by Mild MagnaAngemon
And don't even make up excuses like "I can't :C" because I KNOW you can -.-
4 days ago by Mild MagnaAngemon
gimmie all ur points, pal! :DD Just half.
4 days ago by Mild MagnaAngemon
6 days ago by The Trapinchinator
Pal your gtar is so bootyful it almost made me cry
Sep 9 by CWegz
u wot m8
Sep 8 by JarJar~