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Gender: Boy
Country: U.S.A. (Hey, you never said State, City /or Town!).
Favorite Pokémon: Charizard - Kanto, Kingdra/Typhlosion - Johto, Blaziken/Sceptile - Hoenn, Staraptor - Sinnoh, Haxorus (Shiny Perferred) - Unova, Noivern - Kalos, Sceptile/Blaziken - Alpha & Omega Hoenn!!!
Friend Codes: 3DS: 0662- 3729 - 4855

Friend Safari: Ghost - ? - ? - ?
About me: Leaving X & Y with a bang! Here I come Alpha & Omega Hoenn!!!

For me It's very hard to pick a favorite Poke'mon because ethere are so many but one thing I do know is that my very first Poke'mon ever was a Typhlosion (Cyndaquil Technically). I like all Poke'mon equally bassiccally but my MVP in competitive play ingame is Vivillion/Mewtwo and Online Charizard/Breloom! My favorite shows: It's hard to say really I guess... The Looney Tunes Show...? I like super heroes, Fav: Batman and string shows like Teen Titans (they are heroes but they are all not major...) Fav: Robin. My favorite series is the Harry Potter Series if not Poke'mon and also, also, also... Idk... I like being called the best, the champ, the winner, etc.! I do have some Pet Peeves too: I don't like being down-voted I apprieciate controlled opinions, I enjoy being a kid but I hate when people are all annoying because of it! I don't like giving out personal info so when I feel like I've revealed too much things might disappear, I like to be helpful too so try to be kind, and I like conversations to go on my recent posts! I like how other users try to make stuff appear on their Personal Chats by a quiz! So here it is!

1 ~ What moves equally good as both Swords Dance and Nasty Plot?
2 ~ What Poke'mon is this?: RACGMPHO (Unscramble It!)
3 ~ What does Conversion do?
4 ~ What's you Friend Code? (LoL!)
5 ~ How many types of Arceus Plates are there?

I don't give out answers so I'll answer how much you got right. And add me before you tell me you Friend Code! LoL! GL If you want to challenge me on Poke'mon Showdown. Also, Enjoy!

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Sep 8 by Hyper Flares
Say flares you battle competitiv, it would be my honor to battle you :P
Aug 10 by Shy Guy of Justice
Sweet! I will!
Aug 6 by Hyper Flares
( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸  i spotted a cool guy. Add me my fc is on my profil.
Aug 6 by Shy Guy of Justice
(Friend - Code)
Aug 4 by Hyper Flares
Btw Tell me if you add my FC!
Aug 4 by Hyper Flares
Also ranking, lol!
Aug 4 by Hyper Flares
Just saying, people don't respect cause of points, we respect because of sociability, attitude and all of that.
Aug 4 by Sempiternus
I was about to shove a big WHY'D YOU HIDE MY QUESTION in his face lol...
Aug 3 by Hyper Flares
lol DT totally read my mind...
Aug 3 by Hyper Flares