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Gender: infernape (im a male, to avoid confusion)
Country: kano 4eva!!! not realy its more like ieralnd4eva!! but i come from up north so i dont have a harshy barshy accent .
Favorite Pokémon: my fave is infernape. i like dragonite i also like haxous, lucario, all osshawot evos, gengar,absol, alakasam and other abra evolutioins (including abra),mewtwo for battling and evee /mew/ditto for fun i think the following pokemon are nusences and should be obliterated IMEDEATLY ; patrat, watchog , woobat, swoobat, zubat, golbat ,magikarp( OR make it more powerfull with more moves and EV's and give off more EXP)frillish, jelliycent (they scare me), raticate and ALL cacoon pokemon ( they only know harden ), and bidoof and biberal
Friend Codes: Sorry but i don't play outside of in game. I sometimes play pokemon online, though.
About me: I hate kakuna and LUV infernape

my favroit typesdragon ,fire ,dark,phycic ,ghost, water ,grass,fighting

i play white,black,ss,Pt,saphire,LG and HG,i also play pokemon red

And yes, my pokemon pro is INFERNAPE!
it is my baby i can remember when i got it from WEE lvl5 chimchar till lvl? it will grow 4eva INFERNAPE.My infernape also has a friend who i am imensly proud of to,lucario.AND one more picachu! i hatched it for volt tackle and over time, the little guy grew on me.

so il make a friends list thingy of people who i think of as friends if i dont add you tell me and il either add you or tell u why(i mite 4get some1)
Darth destiny
SEP(spicky eard pichu)
black empolion
and many many more
SF(speed freak)

i play PTD and if anyone wants to give me a lapras(shiny?:) il give you a good few missingno's and mew and mewtwo

I play ps3 as well. my name is N_M_9_9 im always on so add me if u wanna play some games with Fav games are:SKYRIM,BF3,BFBC2,Oblivion,GTA4,GTA5 and im looking forward to battle field 4!

I'm not the kind of person to pick a pokemon because it "looks super cute" or whatever, i pick a pokemon because it preformes well in battle.

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Nov 25, 2013 by PokeFlamey
So......I herd u like infrnapez
Nov 25, 2013 by PokeFlamey
Some of the stuff on my profile is incorrect, to informal or spelt wrong, i want to change it but im very lazy so sorry.
Oct 30, 2013 by INFERNAPEpro
@Jar Jar. I actualy dont hate pat rat as much anymore, i mean bide can be very dangerous.
Oct 30, 2013 by INFERNAPEpro
anyways, hai :P
Oct 1, 2013 by JarJar~
Oct 1, 2013 by JarJar~