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Gender: Female
Country: Wisconsin USA
Favorite Pokémon: Victini, Mighyena, and LITLEO!!!!!
Friend Codes: I do have one but im not sure how to work that stuff.
About me: Sorry I kept this blank for awhile.

My real name is Miranda, I'm 14 and am the sis of Demonflygone and Little Eevee. I Used to figure skate and I'm a terrible speller( I cant help it XD). I like math and science and my fav. color is blue. (maybe orange soon) Im a twin to Little Eevee and I LOVE rp-ing! (to bad its banned) I think I'm funny, nice, bossy, cheerful, crazy, and a fun person to be around. If u want to add something tell me and I will add it. :)

these are all the names I have :
Imortalkitty, Imortalevee, Imortal, Kitty, Eevee (although I wish people would call me evee or Kitty so I can tell if there talking to me or my sis) IK, Imortalvictini, Miranda, Randa, R and M, and sometimes Stormwing (warrior cats name)


Smiles! :3

Eevee, Victini, Litleo, Skitty, Delcatty

good gravy =a substute for good god

MY FAV SMILES (or ones I use often)

ok sorry if I miss u tell me if I do and I'm going to be honest. Also sorry if I spell ur name wrong. :D
Demonflygone: my big bro
Little Eevee: my sis and partner in crime
Moon: my protecter. She is like my big sis/mommy to me. I look up to her : )
Pokemon123: he is one of my best friends and I can always count on him to be there. I call him poke :D
x Shiney Luxray x: I don't know if he counts me as a friend but I do. I call him lux
Pikamaster: same as luxray -_-
Cluelessponyta: I don't know her that well but I guess I'm putting her on here because when I first joined the site I went on the chat and she was handing out poison muffins and it made the chat really fun and she made me feel like I fit in.
Metaknight: the funniest friend i could have (Im his Eevee!) :D
Poke-potato: the best nanny an eevee could have C:
Jellohamster: hes like the bestfriend :3 i tell him all my secrets...
Remember if I missed u tell me on my wall, email me, or in the chat. And don't be shy bout it! Its ok! ;D
Also these are my friends on this site only


Im so old! Its been FOREVER scence iv been here! Im the grandma that doesent know any of the younsters. Anyway! I guess that means IM the new person now! That should be fun.

If u want me to add ANYTHING WHATSOEVER then post on my wall and in the chat room if I'm there :3

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Sep 14, 2014 by Imortalkitty
Hai itz me orange :D
Sep 14, 2014 by ☆オレンジ★
My username for EVERYTHING is Imortalkitty
Mar 27, 2014 by Imortalkitty
Im not on this much anymore. Sorry. My email is on my profile and U can find me in these places also.

My user name for both of these websites is Imortalkitty
Mar 24, 2014 by Imortalkitty
Feb 24, 2014 by pokemon123
I <3 ALLLLL MY FRIENDS!!!   :D   (yes i am crazy, AND I LOVE IT!!)
Feb 23, 2014 by Imortalkitty