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Wall for Jofly

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These are the ones il vote for as of now, might be more in the future:
Shovel Knight
Paper Mario
Skull Kid
Apr 12 by Flafpert
Alright, I'll come on sometime.
Mar 22 by Astronautical
I'm down, if we happen to meet up sometime. It's my first team, so don't expect a huge challenge :D
Mar 21 by Astronautical
Huehuehuehue, truuuuueeee :o
Mar 13 by &Psychic x
That Ain't Falco
Mar 12 by &Psychic x
Haio Jofjee.
Mar 9 by ☆Frostily∞Froslass☆
It wasn't as good as The Shining, and I'm not sure if he made the right choice in moving away from the horror genre. But it's still a Stephen King book, and he's an amazing writer. For him it was merely average. Still ends up being better than the best books that some authors can put out.
Mar 7 by trachy
Of course.
Mar 5 by trachy
Thanks man :)
Feb 18 by ƒιzz
No, it was Bruce Wayne.
Feb 5 by Pahff