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But that still ain't Falco ;~;
Feb 4 by Pahff
Nah, you get a DRM free version of CCN for free. But yeah, Steam key costs $1. But no DRM>Steam.
Jan 26 by trachy
But Card City Nights was available as a free download. ;-;
Oh well, $1 also gives you Star Realms, which I considered as a candidate for my top 5 games of 2014, but decided not to only because it is just a translation of the physical card game.
Jan 26 by trachy
Kirby eis SSS rank
Jan 16 by melcakes
imo Kirby is better
Jan 16 by melcakes
imo fox suxaphones
Jan 15 by melcakes
Dec 12, 2014 by gengarchomp
BEST...NAME...EVER! *Wombo Combo handshake*
Dec 11, 2014 by gengarchomp
He has, and his actions have shown it as well. Take the attempt to not allow Evo to stream Melee (2013), for example.
Dec 7, 2014 by Lusty
Lmao no. Smash 4 is THE WORST of all the smash games. The fact that it is new or pretty doesn't justify it beig a good game. Let me explain why.

Smash 64 was acombo based game. The problems with it was a small character selection and a huge amount of hitstun on moves. But that was what made 64 so great. You had to LEARN your combos, what percents they worked at, and then make it happen in the battle. Additionally, Smah 64 had Z cancelling, meaning that if you pressed Z after landing from an aerial, your lag was 0, allowing for an immediate follow up. There are reason why this was broken, and modified to 50% reduction of landing lag in Melee. Hitstun was also modified in Melee, making it a Smash 64 2.0, in which you had to learn your combos, but movement was not limited, shield games were better, and required a fast reaction time to many moves, as the potent top tiers had moves that came out in immediate frames (Shine on frame 1, fox's up smash on frame 4).

Brawl, while a pretty bad game, had its perks. This was after Melee, where sakurai did NOT want a smash to be a competitive game. He took out many movement ootions that made melee a fast paced, hyper offense game. Brawl was the exact opposite; a campy shield game where death took minutes. The DI system was pretty broken in brawl, as air dodging reduced knockback/aerials reduced knockback, low hitstun meant air dodge spams and virtually no combos. Lastly, DI could be stacked, so death took about 150% by a good player. Not to mention, Brawl had 2 of the most overcentralizing characters ever: Meta Knight and Ice Climbers. Meta Knight had a favorable matchup vs all the cast AND made most of the cast unviable. Not to mention Meta Knight was everywhere. Ice Climbers, while in Melee were up in the top tiers, were so good in this game. A grab meant death, and due to the prominence of a shield game in Brawl, it was difficult to seperate the Icies (their weakness). This forced the rest of the tier list to be formed around beating these 2 dominant characters, and not in terms of how good the character actually was. Examples of very campy characters include Snake, Olimar, and Diddy Kong, all top tiers.

Smash 4 is different, and for the worse imo. Vectoring is the system that replaced DI, allowing the pressured opponent to escape a combo AT ANY GIVEN TIME. Landing a hit in smash 4 isnt worth anything, since you cannot get a follow up afterwards (versus a capable opponent). Smash 4 also a game that Sakurai has stated DOES NOT WANT IT TO BE COMPETITIVE. That's why there have been patches for it. To have "glitches" (or so they call them) removed because they require dedication to learn them, amd sakurai doesnt want to reward good players. He doesnt want any of the new movement options to resemble dash dancing or wavedashing from the pestegious melee. Thus, this is why I claim smash 4 is the worst game. Feel free to disagree, but please present some information outside of the typical "it's a new game, get over melee" or "play with what you get", because those just promote bad game design, which as a consumer, I have a right to proclaim my displeasure.
Dec 7, 2014 by Lusty