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Gender: Unknown gender. I am a male :D I think.
Country: I live at the North Pole with Santa Clause. We elves have to work hard on the presents for Christmas.
Favorite Pokémon: Squirtle Evolutionary line, Oshawott Evolutionary line, Flygon, Gengar, Ampharos, Electivire, Etc.
Friend Codes: 3DS Friend Code-
Pokemon X
2552-2185-0802 Add Me? :D
Rock Safari-Dwebble, Pupitar, and Rhydon
About me: Here is something really interesting about me: I like pokemon! GASP!!! I'm so unique because of this.
"I'm famous, you just haven't heard of me yet." -T-Shirt

First game I ever played was Fire Red-Squirtle FTW
I have the following pokemon games-
Fire Red
Explorers of Time and Darkness
And soon to be: Alpha Saphire
I have been playing pokemon for over 10 years. Yes, I am old.

Favorite Types-
Water, Normal, Electric, Ground, Flying, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Fairy

Favorite Starters in Regions-
Squirtle, Cyndiquil, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Froakie
Yea. That's right. I have a thing for water-types. Squirtle and Oshawott are first place WINNERS-Others are second place. :D

Hi there. My name is CrazyElf or RetardedElf. I go by PokeElf in pokemon sites like pokemon showdown, smogon, and other places. Otherwise, I go by CrazyElf. Some people call me RetardedElf. I would like it if you call me that :D. I am pretty new to this site so I do a lot of things wrong :D.  Help me out here alright guys? :D Anyways, thanks for letting me join the site everyone :D. Also, I love making pokemon sprites.

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It would be awesome if it was a real pokemon!
3 days ago by demat
Dat grav
4 days ago by demat
Crawdaunt, Garchomp and Carvanha put together
Icing on the cake
5 days ago by Qwerty Zoom
I mistook your profile pic as a crawdant at first glance. :P
Aug 9 by Leafseryyx
Aug 8 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
Oh thx alot goomy :D yours is awesome! Mixture of dragonite,garhomp and carvanha, pretty nice mix :P
Aug 4 by Arcazeus
Your welcome :)
You've still got a long way before you become a Mod though, as there as many people ahead of you on points. However it's not all about points as it's also about very friendly in the community and helping out around the site etc.
Jul 11 by Sir Dan
Congrats on 1000! :)
Jul 11 by Sir Dan
It is totally up to you.

(10 EVS x 3 Vitamins)+(50 EVS x 3 Hordes)=180 EVS
Reverse the problem, and you still have the same result.
You can do either way really, since the result will not change when you do backwards of what you are doing.

You told to tell you if it was wrong so yeah it is wrong, you cant boost Evs using vitamins after you get 100 Evs in that specific stat
Jul 11 by Toxicroak
No problem glad I could help :) and aww thanks I'm your favourite? :3

Anyway sorry but I added a bit more information you'll sure to get BA if you don't I'll ask a Mod to give you BA because that answer deserves it.

And yeah Deoxys-D and Deoxys-S was banned for OU :( Normally I wouldn't of minded but I only created my first OU team in Months with Deoxys-D in the other week. It was a really good team as well and now that it's banned I'm going to have to started all over again :/
Jul 11 by Sir Dan