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Gender: Male
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Favorite Pokémon: Mew
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Can you please approve my answer?
4 days ago by demat
Enjoy them 4000 RMT points
6 days ago by Graveyard Shift
I'm here to leave an in important message about what I'm doing :D
K bai
Aug 8 by DemonFlygawne
Aug 5 by demat
Ok thanks :)
Aug 3 by MightyMudkip
You're a moderator right? I got banned from chat and I don't know what I did. I was able to post and I posted "hi" and then I got banned :(. Do you know what I've done so I know for the next time? :)
Aug 2 by MightyMudkip
Hai :>
Get a new grav P:?
Jul 23 by Sempiternus
Not like you come on often anyways, and you know ily <3
Jul 20 by Lust for Glory
Wow. People are really nice to you, aren't they? Seriously though, love the gravatar. Soooooooooooo cute!
Jul 20 by Umbreon9519
Challenge: Bo3 OU battle (no switching teams)

Loser gets banned for a day and/or demoted for a day

Jul 18 by Lust for Glory