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Wall for Mewderator

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Mew,your Gravatar is so adorable!
6 days ago by Masked Torterra
Mew, why'd you hide my answer to the Battle Replays question? I'm sure you have a reason, but what is it?
Apr 6 by Bug Catcher Burn
Oh I just saw my wall
Sure C;
Also, that imgur, never happened o_o
Mar 29 by Aeternis
Thanks for your help M00
Mar 28 by Gin Rummy
mew come on be manager >:\
Mar 27 by Flame.
Mar 27 by Le Scraf
do you mind being a manager in dbpl
Mar 26 by JirachiCelebiMew
Hai M00
Mar 19 by Gin Rummy
Mew, ur a Manphaty

And u sak

Mar 16 by Lust