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I calculated it, and he put 2,001,152 instead of 2,001,154.
May 4 by Mega_Septile I have surpassed you.
May 4 by Tender Tokomon
70K :o
Teach me your ways XD
Mar 27 by TheUltimateSensei
Hey There Mewderator I Love The Name! xD
Mar 22 by MystiCool100
welp she already requested it so i might as well post this:,a1GtGLy
Feb 28 by Tender Tokomon
I have a request. If it gets rejected, well okay, I'll just need a lot of self-control
Could you ban my account for 3 weeks?
I have a lengthy argument with someone here, and I can't handle dealing with him anymore. I can still talk to most of my other friends here via another site, but I like talking here. I just need a break from this place, but my self control is very limited.
Sorry if this was confusing :P
Feb 28 by (づಠᴥಠ)づ
If I am, I did my ancestors proud oDo
Also, gratz on that 70k I theorized
Feb 28 by Qwerty_Zoom
Exactly 70k
Feb 28 by Mega_Septile
Because you know of that guy who's jumping around saying "I got 1000 points! Yay!"
You just want to go up to him and say "LOL, n00b, I've done that 70 times already."

no I'm not a conspiracy theorist :s
Feb 27 by Qwerty_Zoom