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4 days ago by gengarchomp
6 days ago by matthew.mcharg1
now I've got 70 :)
6 days ago by matthew.mcharg1
what does the mew say mew mew mew mew mew mewtwo mew mew mew mewtwo
Dec 14 by matthew.mcharg1
I've got 60 points and I got 50 in four hours!
Dec 14 by matthew.mcharg1
Hey, BEST POKEMON EXPERT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 14 by matthew.mcharg1
Hey mew, I was just you battle on PS! at all?  I haven't seen you battle, but I know you are busy with high school and play ToS a lot (not like a don't :P)

PS: My showdown name is Parzival if u have no idea who the heck I am
Nov 13 by Hawluchinations
Is it because you hate me ;-;?
Nov 6 by CWegz
Hey, just want to say thank you for your support yesterday, I got him to remove all but one of the 11 spam down vote he had given me.
Nov 5 by Sir Dan
mew respond to me next
Nov 4 by hotcakes