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Wall for Mewderator (page 1)

Mew, ur a Manphaty

And u sak

Mar 16 by Lust
What shade of purple is Mew in your Gravatar?
Or is it pink?
Mar 15 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Nice gravatar
Mar 11 by Le Scraf
Mew I challenge u to an OU battle. Semp said u only battle the best.. I'm not the best but I'll put up a good fight..u won't regret it.. So pls can we battle? :)
Mar 9 by ☠ℳidnight$t0rm☠
Mew, we really have to get this battle started.
Mar 4 by ~Spiritomb~
Mar 2 by Majora
Hey p00derator. Can you go on a BA Spree? There's a lot of questions without BA.
Feb 27 by Le Scraf
ALS, sorry, but he is going to stay banned. Plus I banned him, so you are asking the wrong guy.
Feb 27 by Nindzya
Hey mew, can I ask you one thing? Can you un-ban Pokemon123? He is like my best friend on here, I don't want to see him banned so many times and then have a permaban if he doesn't follow the rules, I understand he is breaking the rules a lot but he is just trying to give the moderators a little fun by kicking him but there is no need or reason to ban him. He is like my brother that I have never had. I like the guy and he likes me but we are really good friends and banning him is just like killing my brother that I have never had which would be very saddening to never see him on here again. So can you please un-ban Pokemon123? I will warn him very well to not break the rules. I would thank you very much if you did, so I am just asking with my generosity, un-ban my friend and I will make sure he follows the rules.

Feb 24 by ALostSoul