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Gender: I'm the person who you thought was one person but really turned out to be someone else, but then you discover I was lying so I'm actually the person you originally thought I was, but then I say I'm someone else which makes you wonder which is actually true, and so when you see me saying I'm someone different then the first and third person, then you have to ask yourself, who is he? But seeing as this is about my gender I could say one, the other, or neither. Or I could give you one answer and tell someone else another answer, and if you find out I told someone else what gender I am then you wonder which is true. So I admit the truth as to which I am, but since I've already lied to you how do you actually know I'm telling the truth?
Country: CA, BC, DC, TH.
Favorite Pokémon: List is down at bottom of profile. Arranged in order of types.
Friend Codes: I have friend codes but don't know them. Won't do you any good anyway, I don't trade/battle via DS.

Friends list: You know who you are and all that cryptic crap.


Youtube Channel


Record's List:
Longest time awake: Woke Up - 2 AM Sun Aug 18th – 12:34 AM Tue Aug 20th. However I recently did two all-nighters so that would have beaten this record.
Peak on Uber Ladder: 1898
Discovered Massive Creeper Gathering - August 9, 2013
Most kicks in chat on one user consecutively - 10


Member of the Crepe Club

Member of Ben's Lover of Beautiful Woman Club (LoBW)
Member of the Messy Hair Group. I’m Volkner, pleasure to make your acquaintance.


Name change: MrKijani > Mr.K > MrKijani > Master Kijani > MrKijani

I'll probz just stick to MrKijani from now on. I like it.

seconds ago: Speaking of higher than clouds, has anyone seen Trachy?

seconds ago Nobody likes Chemistry. It's a slutmuppet.




Heaven is where the Italians are lovers, the Germans are mechanics, the French are cooks, the English are Policeman, and the Swiss organize everything. Hell is where the Swiss are lovers, the French are mechanics, the English are cooks, the Germans are policemen, and the Italians organize everything.

Would it be better to tell the truth and be respected for your honesty or lie and be liked for your "approval"?

Which do you think?

Chill Brah, we're only about to die - MrKijani

"Wars, make not one great" - Master Yoda

"You must first look to yourself before you condemn others" - MrKijani

"Don't shoot the messenger" - Someone, somewhere

"I'm not afraid" - Luke Skywalker
"You will be, you will be" - Master Yoda

"Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." - Mark Twain

"Those who cannot remember their past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santayana

Thomas Edison once said, "I did not fail 99 times in making the light bulb, I found out 99 ways how NOT to make a light bulb"

RedShift. 3 minutes ago:
Talking to Blob
Cyndaquil Guy 3 minutes ago:
Walking into a cemetery is like ________?

seconds ago ( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸ (CRIT)

seconds ago Three Combinations your Cores will NEVER want to have a Weakness to: Ground+Ice, Rock+Ground, or Ice+Electric

Detrik4088: heatran with no fire is like a fat man without a twinky

seconds ago: Scarf Keldeo = a Keldeo holding the item Choice Scarf.

2 minutes ago: Everything in the world is biased. I just try to make the bias be my own only.

seconds ago ok never mind, there is some info on nulnapedia "nulnapedia lmao"

"if you have ever wanted to know what school stands for, i'll give you the best possible answer:
Six Crappiest Hours Of Our Lives" - candy

trachy - I'm a gamer, I just know games.

 Rio:  Everything can be fixed with pie

Me: "How can this be?"
MrK: "I fell, through Fire, and Water."
Just want to say, we are all very happy to have our Gandalf back :P
Aug 31 by Flaf

Pikamaster: We must get rid of the Weak
MrKijani:  ^
MrKijani: DT kick yourself


3 minutes ago: Take this for example: Mr. K, you are a fat and lazy slob who should be hanged. Go to hell with you. No offense.

Master Kijani
2 minutes ago: and I know trachy likes me so... yeah kinda hard to take offense

2 minutes ago: So instead you'll go hang yourself because your idol spoke to you in that way. :P

Master Kijani
2 minutes ago: no i'll probz feed myself with some chocolate in congrats for getting my idol's attention


I am the eldest Yeti of the Ironhide clan. We live for millennium, never becoming cold, always surviving in our halls below the ice.


Ninja is coming to kill me with Roza. I can't wait :D


Me: "I discovered yesterday I can't cartwheel"
Rio: "xD I would pay money to see you cartwheel"
Me: "Money could not make me cartwheel"


Poke'slash: I am...
 me:  Samurai suck
nuff said
 Poke'Slash:  :/

My favorite game is Sid Meier's Civilization, although I lost my CDs so I can't download it to my comp :( I'm more into computer games then games on the web/XBox/PSP etc. etc. Pokemon is the only exception for the DS. But past pokemon there isn't a game I would play on my DS. I like the turn-based games > real-time games, just a little slower and allows me to think about stuff which is what I like. Another reason the pokemon games are one of the games I like.


I started battling in OU. I'm told that I am good at battling, but I don't think that. Like most things I get better the more and longer I do them. I haven't battled much lately so I'm pretty rusty, when I have more time on my hands then I'll really get into battling.
Recently got into Ubers and that has turned out to be my favorite tier so far. Funny seeing as I used to despise the massive amount of legendaries  :P


I'm smart. I don't deny that. I am not the smartest, nor will I ever be. And yet even the smartest people may be stupid. Like when I put Heat Rock on drought Ninetales

Pokebase: Explain your answers, try and source your stuff, don't be lazy with the spelling and grammar, even if you're on your phone.

Battle Subway: Express your teams, explain why you did what you did. If someone suggests something, don't diss it because it's badly worded or just cause. Try it out, see how it works. And don't post a team right after you've made it, work with it first.

Meta: Really try hard to find out if a suggestion has been suggested before suggesting. And don't bug the mods or PM just because you think it's important. Be patient.

That's all for now. Pokemaster has a life. Don't forget to read the rules once a month. Don't be lazy with your answers or your questions. And don't presume to know more than anyone else. Listen to the Mods, don't question what they do. They are responsible enough to do it.

About me: I was, like many kids, a huge fan of pokemon as a kid. Although I never really got into the game until about two years ago. I got my first nintendo and the Soulsilver version from my brother.
I have since then played the Black, Platinum, and now the White 2 version.
As of today, December 19 2012, I am playing a Nuzlocke challenge on Platinum, regular game on Black, and A two type only challenge on White 2.


Account Birthday: November 29th, 2012

Broke 1000 points on Pokebase section:
27/02/2013, three months as user on the DB
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04/04/2013, four months as a user on the DB
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11/06/2013, six months as user on the DB, now an Expert, no intentions of dying however.
Broke 7000 points on Pokebase section:
I was away so no date.
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I was away so no date.
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25/11/2013, 11 months as user on the DB
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08/11/2013, 11 months as user on DB

If I were a pokemon I would be either Vulpix or Machamp.

In order of likeliness
Vulpix: 100%
Machamp: 100% <This guy for sure
Persian: 88%
Snorlax: 88% < probably lazy enough
Tyranitar: 75% < Yeah I'm dark and made of rock
Ditto: 75% < ditto
Electrode: 75%
Gengar: 63% < Hex's Bro? Sure, wynaut
Charizard: 50%
Mewtwo: 38%
Steelix:     38%
Pikachu    : 38% <LOLno
Togepi: 25%
Slowpoke: 25%


Favorite Pokemon for each type:
Normal: Chansey
Fighting: Conkeldurr/Mienshao
Water: Greninja
Fire: Ho-Oh
Grass: Gogoat
Electric: Ampharos/Magnezone
Ice: Weavile
Poison: Crobat
Ground: Mamoswine
Flying: Crobat
Psychic: Mew/Cresselia
Bug: Scizor/Yanmega
Rock: Tyranitar
Ghost: Gengar
Dark: Mightyena
Steel: Metagross
Fairy: Mawile/Florges


If I were a pokemon type I would be,
Electric type
The liveliest and most spontaneous type! A highly fun-loving person, you enjoy spending lots of time with your friends and making the most of life. Your dynamic and spirited personality draws people to you like a magnet.
If you were a Pokemon, you would be the one that's difficult to catch but ends up being the most loveable and favoured Pokemon in the trainer's party.
Electric Moves that suit you are Spark, Charge and Volt Tackle.


If I were an element I would be
You are water. Calm, soothing, you also have your bad side. When you lose your temper, things get broken- but that rarely happens.


"Whoa dude, that was like a, jedi moment" - Hurley, Lost

a minute ago: "I see nutrition like a giant RPG with everything being a certain stat. What's better for some depends on what role their character is, what conditions they have, etc."

Truth is singular, its versions are mistruths - Somni-451 "Cloud Atlas"

'Actually I speak Xeriliagoon, it just so happens to be exactly the same as English, but with mire typos.' - Professor Xerilia

seconds ago: And don't get your ass-print on my nice fancy new door when it hits you on the way out

20/11/2013 4:59 pm
Catnip, Slash, and Rio are all in chat TheThreeFacesOfEve - Catnip, Slash and Rio

You think people are weird until you meet someone weirder - Georgina

It's made to be eaten not to be saved after all - Emily

seconds ago: Only a whore would accuse another person as a whore

If you really felt confident in your approach, you should be comfortable around finding people that don't see it the same way as you instead of just getting rid of everything that doesn't completely match how you think. ~DT


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Thanks man :D
Damn we haven't talked in so long.
Feb 14 by ƒιzz
Lol cya dude. Do say Hi once in a while :}
Jan 11 by Generekt
Not sure if anybody ever checks here anymore, but if you do, and you don't know me all you need to know is that I've basically left the site.

If you do know me, then you've possibly noticed my absence, well, I have left. Mostly due to school, but also partially because I've lost interest in the games and competitive battling. I might be on once in a while to say Hi, or just to see what's going down, but I've left.

My good friends know who they are, I'll be sure to stay in contact with you guys.

I love this site, hope it goes long and far into the future of pokemon.

Dec 31, 2014 by MrKijani
Asking people to not downvote your question is, for want of a less insulting word, stupid. It just indicates to me as a reader that even you consider your answer to be downvote worthy, requiring you to ask not to be downvoted. If anything it just makes me want to downvote you.
Plus, if you were wrongly downvoted, more experienced users will comment and give reasons for why you shouldn't have a downvote. They don't need you to ask them not to downvote, that is up to those with the responsibility to downvote, and as an answerer you accept that your answers may be subpar and therefore downvoted on occasion.

In short, quit freaking asking people to not downvote your bloody answers.
May 17, 2014 by MrKijani
If you ever need this, DT from the past has your back!

How to register Bandicam again:

1) open Keymaker folder, select the file called "Keymaker," not "Maze.

2) Right click the keymaker file and select "run as administrator."

3) Enter in whatever you want and choose to register it. After that, open up bandicam and you're done! Keep in mind you have to have Bandicam closed during this whole time.
Apr 14, 2014 by DarkTyphlosion
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