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I need my pwesent :3
Oct 21 by The Trapinchinator
1. Get pokemon you want to clone in a box by itself (you can have multiple or even whole boxfulls as in multiple boxfulls)

2. Close the game

3. Plug in the game to the powersaves and back it up

4. Put the game in the 3ds and store the pokemon you want to clone in the pokebank

5. Restore the game to what you backed it up on the powersaves

6. Take them out of the pokebank

7. Profit
Jun 3 by Leeroy ッ
Edit: You are now fairy
Jun 3 by ~~Dazzling Sylveon~~

 Xx♥Sylveon_Lover♥xX -Ghost

 Sindraghast & Zigzagoon Linoone-Ice



♛KingJordan♛ -Ground



 President Quagsire-Dragon

☯WrenX☯ -something

 Rider- Electric


Jun 3 by ~~Dazzling Sylveon~~
Metagross EVs 164 HP 252 ATK 92 Speed
Bullet Punch
Meteor Mash
Earthquack xD
zen headbutt
May 30 by Leeroy ッ
thank you once more!
Apr 19 by ~~Dazzling Sylveon~~
Can you add me 2852-7037-0739 ice cloyster Beartic and delibird
Mar 18 by Landorus
I'm REALLY sorry to the people i promised a Dragonite to. You shall receive them when Pokemon bank is re-released.
Jan 2 by MysteryGift2000
FC so you can try Friend Safari:  4656-7144-1296
Nov 29, 2013 by FlareBlitz42
Sep 2, 2013 by MysteryGift2000