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Gender: Strong independent black woman
Country: Colorado, USA. Home of the aroma and mountains. The time is MST, which is also UTC -7.
Favorite Pokémon: Vivillon, Slowbro, Roserade, Zoroark, Mismagius, Manaphy, Starmie, MegaZardX, Metagross, Mega Venusaur, Gengar, Politoed, Crawdaunt, Zapdos, Greninja, Goodra, Mega Aggron, and probably a bunch I'm forgetting.
Friend Codes: I don't do trading, but you can find me on the DB PS! server over here:

Oh yeah, I'm also sort of running that place alongside Scizornician and Pokemaster.

My Xbox Gamertag is NindzyaStarz7. If you want to add me, send me a quick message along with it. I don't play much online, due to my system being hacked to play PS3, and I'm not a multiplayer guy, but I do play Titanfall. I'm up for Watch Dogs, Multiplayer is all I have left. (Other than level 10 on all drinking games...)
About me:

Non Mod stuff:

Very very Anti-Theist. Like seriously, I think all religion is a poison to this world.

I hate people. I interact with them only when I absolutely have to, which is basically working. No, internet people don't count.

I suffer from depression. I get very moody sometimes, so sorry if it takes over.

I hate reading people complain about humanity when they have no idea what they are talking about. I hate humanity for the people, not because we use natural resources.

I've got a sailor's mouth. I can hold my tongue here, but I get salty on the server.
- Cunt is my favorite word. Don't like it? Cunt cunt cunt cunt.

I LOVE reading. dystopian and general fantasy. Better than real life.

Also, I'm pretty good with money.
 - Don't buy 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Get an eCig.
 - Don't go and buy something once a day. Just because it is tea   doesn't mean it helps you more than cigs. Go to a clerk, tell them  you want a carton. Saves around 20%.
 - Don't go somewhere and buy things because you need to entertain yourself. Internet has everything you need. Specifically Anime. Find a long ass series like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Soul Eater, or DBZ and watch it. Takes a ton of time and you don't buy useless things.
 - Don't lend money. Stupid idea.
 - Don't rent anything unless it is a house.
 - Don't get monthly subscriptions to TV services. Limewire.
 - Get a change jar.
 - Don't get loans, that's just debt. If someone is willing to pay for something out of the goodness of their heart, let them.
 - If you hate school or people, and want a job that isn't law / military / medical, don't go to college. Get a simple job.
 - Cook your own damn food. Even microwavable is good. Don't eat mindlessly either. Eat meals when you are hungry, stop when you aren't and save the rest.
 - Teens: Milk old people out of as much money as you can doing simple labor. They can't do it themselves and need someone.

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↓ About right. How's your vacation going anyway? Good I hope?
1 day ago by Sir Dan
How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

One to screw it in
One to excoriate men for creating the need for illumination
One to blame men for inventing such a faulty means of illumination
One to suggest the whole "screwing" bit to be too "rape-like"
One to deconstruct the light bulb itself as being phallic
One to blame men for not changing the bulb
One to blame men for trying to change the bulb instead of letting a woman do it
One to blame men for creating a society that discourages women from changing light bulbs
One to blame men for creating a society where women change too many light bulbs
One to advocate that light bulb changers should have wage parity with electricians
One to alert the media that women are now "out-lightbulbing" men
And one to just sit there taking pictures for her blog for photo-evidence that men are unnecessary
2 days ago by Ninja
Thank you for the link. That dog is brilliant.

Anyway, I know you're on vacation at the moment, but there's something I'd like to ask you about a while after you get back. Enjoy your time off, should you see this before you get back. Best regards.
5 days ago by DarkTyphlosion
Sorry for calling you a prick. I'm just really pissed off about the whole demotion situation. Although I think one of the main things to come out of this is that people should inform the person involved about any changes being made.
6 days ago by trachy
I'm on vacation for a week or so.

Taking a break for a little while. I just broke communication with some family members, and I'm hurt. I need some time away from other people and be alone.

See you guys around. I'll be back sometime.
Aug 22 by Ninja
Why do you respond to someone on your own wall, rather than the wall of the person asking the question?
It's so weird. ;-;
Aug 20 by trachy
Went to the drive in and it was a double feature, so my friends wanted to see it.
Aug 19 by Ninja
Thanks. :D

Also, why did you go see TMNT? Were you forced at gunpoint? Did someone threaten to blow up a third world country if you didn't? Secret turtle fetish (turtles <3)?
Aug 19 by trachy
TMNT = Terrible.
Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty good. I liked it.
Aug 19 by Ninja