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Really, that good huh? o.o I'll have to watch it now, thanks for replying :)
11 hours ago by Sir Dan
FINALLY started When They Cry. Finished episode 8.

What the ****.
1 day ago by Ninja
Not sure if you should feel privileged or scared, but out of everyone on the site I think I check your profile the most, (mainly because you provide a lot of information on the Anime and Manga you've watched). I'm definitely not stalking your profile or anything >.> xD

Anyway reason for my post, I saw that you added Cowboy Bebop to your favourite Anime and Manga list, which I wanted to ask you about. What would you rate it? I personally haven't seen it but I am well aware of the plot and how old it is. I was going to watch it but the animation quality didn't look as good as the other Anime's I've seen, but then again it is a really old Anime.
2 days ago by Sir Dan
K, I'll try my best!
5 days ago by The Trapinchinator
Already had those 2 in my list, gg o3o
Oct 17 by Lusty
Try out Garden of Sinners. It's an 7 one hour long  (each) movie series that is around the equivalent to a 24ish ep series.
Deals with solving the mystery of recent murders, a decent relationship between fem mc and male mc (not forced on you or really ****), and ultimately, the supernatural, like ghosts and demons. Some gore, you can handle it. Action is good (imo), and animation is great considering how long ago this was done.

Imo, 8/10 watch
Oct 17 by Lusty
#KyogreSucks #TruthHurts
Oct 17 by &Shining Yin
Oct 16 by Ninja
Plague Inc is real.
Oct 15 by Ninja