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K, I'll try my best!
1 day ago by The Trapinchinator
Already had those 2 in my list, gg o3o
4 days ago by Lusty
Try out Garden of Sinners. It's an 7 one hour long  (each) movie series that is around the equivalent to a 24ish ep series.
Deals with solving the mystery of recent murders, a decent relationship between fem mc and male mc (not forced on you or really ****), and ultimately, the supernatural, like ghosts and demons. Some gore, you can handle it. Action is good (imo), and animation is great considering how long ago this was done.

Imo, 8/10 watch
4 days ago by Lusty
#KyogreSucks #TruthHurts
5 days ago by &Shining Yin
5 days ago by Ninja
Plague Inc is real.
6 days ago by Ninja
The Summer Anime season has ended. Out of the majority of the season, I only gave a few 10/10. Here are my lists:

Best Anime: Zankyou no Terror: Superb writing. The animation style was also really good. 10/10.

Other incredible Anime:

Aldnoah.Zero - Honestly the series I was on my seat for, as well as Zankyou No Terror. Mechas are awesome and the plot is really good. 10/10. Season 2 is coming, we'll see if it can keep that status.
Tokyo Ghoul - Really good. Animation was solid and consistent, and plot was good. I really invested myself in these characters and the side was hard to pick. Unfortunately some minor details were off and needed to not be. Season 2 is coming. 9.5/10
Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - BB is a great series and these characters were developed with a short time in beautiful detail. Glad to see this series heading in a more faithful direction, The murders arc is coming later. 9.5/10.
Gekkan Nozaki-kun - Lacked some intensity. Still hilarious and wonderful, as well as interesting characters. 9/10.

Honorable mentions:

Ao Haru Ride
Akame  Ga Kill!

^ Recommend all of those. Watch BB S1 before Circus if you haven't already.

Best OP:

Whilst TG is flawless,  Book of Circus wins for its amazing use of animation and detail and the darkness I felt when watching it. It really is a masterpiece.

Best ED:

Barakamon - :D

Worst Anime  - Mahouka. 26 episodes of pure garbage. The main is basically God, who says he isn't great but goes around reviving people. Characters were dull and ******. An incest-wanting little sister also. 2.5/10

Dishonorable mention:

Glasslip - the characters sucked. Plot made no sense. Only saved by decent animation. 4/10.

Cheers for Fall Season.

First pick of the crowd: Psycho Pass 2
Sep 30 by Ninja
Going into a store and purposely bending a phone doesn't show that there is a problem with the design, it just shows that you are an *******.
Sep 30 by Ninja
I'll catch you later Ninja, I'll return to being fully active when OR/AS come out. By that time I also look forward to discussing a lot of Anime with you, as that's one thing I'd like to personally catch up on :3

Also I'd like to thank you and anyone else that was involved in naming me as a potential candidate for Editor, even though I know that I won’t get Editor any time soon, it's good to receive recognition for my activity on the site.

Anyway I'll catch you later man.
Sep 23 by Sir Dan