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1. I never said it was only an anime term 2. I never said that otakus are shut-ins because If I did then I would be calling myself a shut-in....
21 hours ago by Chaos Exalted
Oh okay, thank you anyways.
1 day ago by ItsGuillotine
Did you watch a subbed version or just a raw of the DBZ movie? Also, thoughts on it?
1 day ago by Sempiternus
Hey Ninja,
Is the Revival of Frieza movie nice? My brother just loves dbz and I'm asking since you seem to have a wide knowledge about anime ^^
1 day ago by ItsGuillotine

This is all I know about America.  Any corrections you want to make? :3
2 days ago by SoClassy
Yeah I was planning on it. Thanks, I understand now, that fight was awesome o3o
2 days ago by SoClassy
What is 'Revival of F'? Also DBZKai finally got back on British TV <3.
3 days ago by SoClassy
New avatar in celebration of Revival of F.

Hands down the best fight in the history of Anime.
6 days ago by Ninja
I had a dream that you would make me an expert after I got 1000 points.
That was the entire dream, just me reading a wall post about you going to make me an expert after I got 1000 points
Apr 19 by MeGa_SePtile2
Fair enough...
Apr 16 by SoClassy