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Thank you for the link. That dog is brilliant.

Anyway, I know you're on vacation at the moment, but there's something I'd like to ask you about a while after you get back. Enjoy your time off, should you see this before you get back. Best regards.
3 days ago by DarkTyphlosion
Sorry for calling you a prick. I'm just really pissed off about the whole demotion situation. Although I think one of the main things to come out of this is that people should inform the person involved about any changes being made.
3 days ago by trachy
I'm on vacation for a week or so.

Taking a break for a little while. I just broke communication with some family members, and I'm hurt. I need some time away from other people and be alone.

See you guys around. I'll be back sometime.
5 days ago by Ninja
Why do you respond to someone on your own wall, rather than the wall of the person asking the question?
It's so weird. ;-;
Aug 20 by trachy
Went to the drive in and it was a double feature, so my friends wanted to see it.
Aug 19 by Ninja
Thanks. :D

Also, why did you go see TMNT? Were you forced at gunpoint? Did someone threaten to blow up a third world country if you didn't? Secret turtle fetish (turtles <3)?
Aug 19 by trachy
TMNT = Terrible.
Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty good. I liked it.
Aug 19 by Ninja
Jellal :o
Aug 13 by Qwerty Zoom