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Wall for Ninja (page 1)

Way too many people are butthurt about freaking Starbucks.

"Christian Genocide!"
"Stop caring if people get offended!" (Which is what you're being)
"War on Christmas!"
"PC media assault on traditional Christmas values"
aaannnddd, I just overdosed on buzzwords

Christmas is a holiday you once again STOLE from another culture. Starbucks has never had Jesus on coffee cups, they've had reindeer, snowflakes, and santa. Those 3 things are pagan whether you believe it or not. It's a damn fact that november-december-january is not dedicated to celebrating Christianity. Stop making everything about you you entitled shits.

WHY DO PEOPLE CARE ABOUT COFFEE CUPS? Because they're afraid of change. They're afraid they won't be the controlling and manipulative ones in power.
Nov 10, 2015 by Ninja
It pains me to say this, but I think I'm done with Marvel's 616 continuity.  I've been a full blown Marvel fanboy for since I could read, but I don't think I can read them anymore.  

I really don't care if Bobby Drake is gay, Thor is female, or if Cap is black.  I've honestly enjoyed some of those stories (Thor and Cap in particular). Marvel did an ok job with Thor, but that has gone nowhere. Cap passes on his mantle a few times. But Iceman? Bobby Drake is an established character, one who's always had a distinct personality. Retconning his entire character is a huge low blow to anyone who gives a damn about the X-Men. It's saying Marvel doesn't care about those fans anymore.  I want the writers to write compelling stories, a character shouldn't be defined by external sources such as angry social justice warriors. But collectively, it's just starting to seem like Marvel is more interested in publishing comics that pander to this new wave of political correctness for the sake of doing it.  

Marvel will never be what they once were and I'm willing to accept that. I'm willing to move on to the MCU, which is still wonderful high budget action. I'm still hanging on to DC comics by a thread. I'll still always love reading new Deadpool material, and I'll still love picking up some alternate realities. Sadly for now, I will no longer be making my weekly stop to the comic book store to  pick up all the new material.

All New All Different is the beginning of a new era in Marvel Comics, so there's not going to be a better time for my sendoff.

I encourage you all to stay away from Marvel Comics until we learn that they can respect the dedicated readers.
Nov 5, 2015 by Ninja
Love him or hate him, TB is a great guy. I enjoy his passion for the community and the average consumer. I don't agree with TB's opinions a lot but his passion for games and his excellent presentation keeps me coming back to his videos.

For those of you unaware, he just announced that his cancer has developed to the point of it being incurable, as well as having a life expectancy of 2-3 years.

"**** this stupid disease. The average is going up after I'm done with it." He's a stubborn guy, he'll pull through.  It takes a lot to be cynical and hopeful.

Best of luck to him and his loved ones.
Oct 15, 2015 by Ninja
Why didn't you answer the "Why were you banned" thread when I was banned?
Oct 10, 2015 by sumwun
I have a very self-destructive habit of going through Youtube comments and debating people, so here's my Copypasta for future use:

Flash, Silver Surfer, The Runner, Shuma-Gorath, Bec Noir, Alucard, Madoka, Shiki Ryougi, White Phoenix of the Crown, Darkseid, Doomsday, Doctor Manhattan, Doctor Strange, Rune King Thor, Mr. Mxyzptlk, The Lady of Pain, Phyrexians from Magic: The Gathering, The One Above All, The Presence, The Living Tribunal, A White Lantern, Orion, Mongul, Galactus, Odin, Zeus, Various embodiments of Death, The Ellimist, Crayak, MegasXLR, Trigon, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Q, The Mask, Eru Ilúvatar, The Amalgam Brothers, The Celestials, Mephisto, The Spectre, Imperiex, Onslaught, The Fulcrum, Deadpool, Deathstroke, The Great Evil Beast, Thanos, Nemesis, The Decreator, Sise-Neg, The Source, The Monitor, The Anti Monitor, The Beyonder, Molecule Man, Eternity, Infinity, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Godcat, Man of Miracles, Impossible Man, Haruka Kaminogi, Alien X, Beyond Omega-level mutants (Mad Jim Jaspers), Apocalypse, Shaper of Worlds, Akhenaten, Volthoom, Bat-Mite, The Genie from Aladdin, Jafar Genie, Proteus, Larry from CN's Teen Titans, Elder God Demonbane, Lucifer... and more. There's a ridiculous amount of other anime characters, but I'd have to dig through my SciFi list. Oh yeah, there's also Kirby.

There's plenty of characters who are weaker than the ones depicted here.

Sorry, Superman's a character, not a literary tool or metaphysical concept. No more than any other character. He's been beaten. Many times. And even at his best, there are people who would crush him without a second thought. Multiversal beings that eat the impossible for breakfast are not uncommon. Superman's powerful, but if you really believe he's the biggest and best, you're living in a tiny, tiny world, closed off from infinite possibilities.
Oct 7, 2015 by Ninja
Ashaya. ):
Ashaya. D:
Ashaya. D':

My LGS has them priced at MSRP. Problem is they're out of stock currently and have a large waitlist going. I tried Target but they were out. And Amazon is just crazy with some of them being close to $100.
Oct 6, 2015 by trachy

The set reminds me of Dragon's Maze, but with an obviously better limited format. Nothing really exciting for constructed, but a ton of EDH goodness. Ingest is a lot of fun, I agree. It's funny how Ingest is strong enough in limited that the Eldrazi Storm Crow, Mist Intruder, is actually one of the best Blue commons (I would rate it either 4th or 5th best Blue common in contention with Incubator Drone. Well behind Eldrazi Skyspawner and Clutch, which are two of the best commons in the set, and behind Benthic Infiltrator, which is the most reliable Ingestor and a good wall).

And yeah, the Fat Pack issues suck. I didn't get mine because I didn't think they would sell this much and I didn't expect people to be stupid enough to be willing to pay $80 for them. :/
Oct 5, 2015 by trachy
Some very nice pulls. I didn't get anything so glorious as an Expedition, but I did end up pulling a Drana in my prize packs, which is nice since I needed one for Abzan Aggro for that Hnagarback Walker craziness.

What do you think of the draft format so far? I'm liking it a lot. I'm enjoying it more than I did Magic Origins, Dragons of Tarkir, and Fate Reforged.
Oct 4, 2015 by trachy
I got passed three Rolling Thunder and two Turn Against at draft tonight. Easiest 4-0 I've gotten. :D Here's the deck I drafted:
Oct 4, 2015 by trachy
Well, I was going to wait for Owarimonogatari to finish before watching it, but now it looks like I'm waiting for Kizumonogatari instead.
Oct 3, 2015 by Ninja