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You'd probably like this:

Not calling you one by the way :3
Nov 16 by Sir Dan
AC:Unity is copping alot of flak for running in less than 20 FPS which is wierd cause Ubisoft did really well on the last Assassin's creed
Nov 13 by Cyrax
Jellal... Somehow, I can picture you as Jellal.
Nov 9 by Poke'slash
is that Jellal on your Grav :D
Nov 8 by Generekt
Well yeah I finished Galuna Island, finishing Phantom Lord, and headed towards tower of heaven which is apparently the best one. I think it's a good anime, but compared to AoT, FMA, HxH, and SAO, it stands on a lower tier. Ofc I can't say BECUZ I'm noob at this, but I'm waiting for FT to get on a level with those because the animes I've mentioned are definitely some of the best anime I'll watch.
Nov 8 by Generekt
Is fairy tail honestly good becuz im on episode  8 and its boring AF
Nov 5 by Generekt
Edited my profile to be even more anime filled.
Nov 5 by Ninja
Try out Garden of Sinners. It's an 7 one hour long  (each) movie series that is around the equivalent to a 24ish ep series.
Deals with solving the mystery of recent murders, a decent relationship between fem mc and male mc (not forced on you or really ****), and ultimately, the supernatural, like ghosts and demons. Some gore, you can handle it. Action is good (imo), and animation is great considering how long ago this was done.

Imo, 8/10 watch
Oct 17 by Lusty