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Wall for Ninja (page 1)

lol discussion on Ninja's wall xD

But seriously though if there's one character that's annoying in the original Naruto, it's not Naruto, it's Sakura!
Aug 10 by Sir Dan
I tried watching the original, I couldn't stand Naruto though. The others (especially Sasuke) I  found quite interesting.
Aug 10 by Ayan
Sorry, I came off a bit wrong. I didn't express properly, I got two ideas conflated.

What I meant and failed to say is that I than OG Naruto sucks, as in the little brat kid. He really messed up most of the first arcs, other than the Gaara story I couldn't relate v to him at all and threw me off quite a bit. I wish he wasn't so damn annoying.
Aug 9 by Graveyard Shift
:O PX you suck!
Aug 9 by Sir Dan
I loved the original and new.
Aug 8 by Ninja
OG Naruto sucks. I only watched it to grasp the story and characters properly so I could relate better. I wish I could have started straight from shippuden
Aug 8 by Graveyard Shift
Start with the Original Naruto first :]
Aug 8 by Ninja
I'm asking Graveyard Shift as well, but should I watch Naruto Shippuden? Is it worth it? Or should I watch Sword Art Online instead?
Aug 8 by Ayan
"Actually, OU Council (and Smogon as a whole) needs to learn from how Konami deals with the Yu-Gi-Oh metagame. Konami takes their sweet time to learn how the meta is affected by new cards every three months or so, and Yu-Gi-Oh has thousands of cards to deal with, with at least a hundred new ones every three months."
Aug 8 by Ninja
Damn Ninja, you are such a bro.
Aug 7 by Kawaii Terlor