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Gender: Male Spiritomb....(Pretend that's possible...)
Country: Canada (New Brunswick)
Favorite Pokémon: LOLHo-Oh!
Friend Codes: 3ds FC:3797-7579-5155
About me: Apperently,People do this for a reason-My friends:
StellarXerneas (Luna)
Moon-she's like my sister :-)
Arcazeas-My crazy provincial neighbour...
Lupus-Nuff' said
Twilight Prince/Princess or whathaveyou...Yaya!
Candy-may or may not be her name anymore...
MajesticArcanine-Pretty cool guy...
MeowingHorse!!!!-My homie!This Guy here!
Dark Typhlosion-We just complain about school and cranky people in the public...
~~Will~~-Another provincial neighbour(Same relations as DT)
WhisperTheif-Nuff' said...

But now...THE ENEMY...the team rocket,of my Pokémon world
Ant won Fed-Ex,Ant won(Trash Boat) And AntwonQ...Did I make it clear!?Never trust a trash boat!

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I haven't hidden any of your questions, do you mean this answer?
If so, I hid it because:
1. What you said is wrong, it's a perfectly legit question that can be asked on the PokeBase, chat isn't a requirement. Mew and Meloetta are similar, so it's a valid question.
2. "But I'd go with Mew" is just your opinion with no justification or evidence to back it up. Try to include more detail, like why you would choose Mew and why Meloetta isn't as good as Mew. If you don't have anything else to say, then leave it as a comment rather than an answer.
Hope you understand, leave me another message if you're still unsure about things. I'll help you out :)
3 hours ago by ƒιzz
canadian montie!
12 hours ago by Arcazeus
I'm not on fwendz wist? :(
1 day ago by ☆∞ℐwilight ᴘrince∞☆
Never mind.
6 days ago by Sir Dan
Male Spiritomb is possible :P
Jul 26 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
How are you been?
Jul 25 by sheepman1306
Was the question about Ditto's catch rate your question?
I forget lol xD

Anyway if it was, it was a good question not sure why you hid it tbh I answered it as well :/
Jul 24 by Sir Dan
Canadian buddy!
Jul 12 by Arcazeus
You ma pal :D
Dec 22, 2013 by Shaishai8
=D sure we can be FRIENDS
Dec 21, 2013 by Moon