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Gender: I'm male
Country: The one with the flag and land. It also has people in it and food. I live in USA!!!
Favorite Pokémon: See below...
Friend Codes: 3ds
I trade and battle, but talk to me 1st.
About me: I'm....well me lol XD If you really want to know u can read below, but be warned you may be scarred for life XD just kidding...or am I O_o

I'm an active pokemon player and ANYONE has the right to battle, I'm pretty good.

I've been playing Pokémon for 7 years and have caught 4 shinies...a shiny feebas, a shiny flabebe, a shiny Bagon and a shiny Patrat(whoo hoo lol) I caught my 5th and 6th shiny(Thank you masuda method)A shiny Charmander and a shiny Greninja. I've added in a Ditto, Ninetails, Doublade (now aegislash) and wynaut to my shiny list!

I'm taking battle requests at the moment, 6v6 single battle no legends.  I wanna try out a few new pokemon.

My favorite color is 15, my favorite subject is blue and my favorite number is Math.

My name is a reference to Ready Player One btw

I'm looking to trade some if anyone wants to...I have every pokemon right now (some in pokemon bank) so just say what you need and I'll name my price >:) I ain't a charity

Hey does anyone have a 31iv in speed, any nature up in speed, moody smeargle for trade? I need one, post on my wall if you do!

My favorite pokemon type is water SO DON'T HATE ON WATER!!! You neva seen my water pokemon!

I love basketball and can already dunk at age 14 XD (helps me being 6'1" :P)

I'm a Christian just in case you wanted to know.

I LOVE music...some of my favorite bands are, Lecrae, FF5, Relient K, Tedashii and of course D.A. Truth (most of these are rap btw :P)

My favorite pokemon by type:
Normal: Ditto (with imposter and choice scarf it can be used competitively)
Fire: Talonflame (gotta love the 120 Brave Bird + STAB up to 180 with +1 priority)
Water: Starmie (I could sweep YOUR team with a starmie)
Electric: Rotom-Wash (There are a lot of crappy electric pokemon and this is one of the few that can be used competitively)
Grass: Whimsicott (If you doubt whimsicott battle me 1v1 on smogon)
Ice: Cloyster (Shell Smash = Instant sweeper)
Fighting: Blaziken (With it's mega its OP)
Poison: Roserade (If it gets set up it can't be beat)
Ground: Gliscor (Toxic Heal Wall)
Flying: Hawlucha (Battle me on smogon and you'll see why)
Psychic: Wobbuffet (So much fun to play with)
Bug: Volcarona (Quiver Dance)
Rock: Aron (Not aggron, aron.  Why? feAR ON)
Ghost: Aegislash (Who doesn't love a sword and a shield combined?)
Dragon: Salamence (My first shiny, but they ruined it in the mage evo)
Dark: Greninja (Proteon is the best starter HA EVER)

Read enough yet?  

Any other question you may ask on my wall!

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I explaned on my wall
11 hours ago by OriginalGamer100
I'm friending you my Friend code is on my wall
2 days ago by OriginalGamer100
In pokemon
6 days ago by demat
Hey, wanna battle?
Aug 14 by demat
How about on Saturday
Aug 12 by -[Protean~Froakie]-
I did what you said and made a Club Nintendo account and confirmed the Email. I can now go online on Pokemon Y and I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much!! :)
Aug 1 by MightyMudkip
Thank you. ^_^ I didn't expect to hear something like that. I appreciate it and I guess I will keep up the good work. :]
Jul 27 by Immortal
lol I did the same thing the first couple of times I read it.
Jul 26 by Potater-nater
i'll add you
Jul 21 by -[Protean~Froakie]-
i'll clone one and give it to you after my exams end on 1st august. I can give it to you on 1st, 2nd or 3rd august.
Jul 21 by -[Protean~Froakie]-