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Wall for Pikamaster

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/r/ if you can, before Wi-Fi for gen 5 shuts down.

Since jojo won't do it for me :C
Apr 9 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
Apr 8 by Hotcakes
Are you a rare candy? 'cuz I feel a level-up.

Apr 6 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
Bulbasaur is red, Charmander is blue,
if I can be front bae,
i will Squirtle on you
Apr 6 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
Apr 5 by Hotcakes
Evelyn named Pika?
Does that mean I can call you Evelyn?
Mar 31 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Mar 29 by Hotcakes
y jurknipz above me :'c
Mar 17 by Hotcakes
I love that grav.
Mar 16 by Majora
I met someone who could use Pikachu well in OU.

Beat him tho o3o. Took me about 40turns to however :x
Mar 16 by Sempiternus