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Wall for Poke'slash

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Good Good :]
Do you like Mephisto ?
3 days ago by Silverdragon :D
Yush It is ! :D
*uses Knock Off and and knocks off Pockeys*
Apr 8 by Silverdragon :D
You more. Let's be frens
Mar 15 by Pisc
Happy Pi Day! ~<3
Mar 14 by Poke'slash
Pokes you with mai Pockys
Mar 6 by Silverdragon :D
*Bows down to my Empress Slash*
Feb 10 by DemonFlygawne
lol idek where you're at. I'm only at the route where you get your second encounter
Feb 2 by Sir_Mudkip
You're going to struggle to get an interview from Mustang. He's Admin on Frost and is very busy. Besides it might be better to choose someone else as not many people know who he is.
Dec 16, 2014 by Sciz
Dec 9, 2014 by trachy
Amazing xD! Made my day :3!
Dec 5, 2014 by Sciz