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dont post on my wall unless u wanna catch these hands, m8

square up
22 hours ago by Lusty
I hear you've been secretly active here :)
3 days ago by Sigma Dragoon
They're taking my beloved Doctor Who off of Netflix? Outrageous! Good thing I've seen all of them but the Christmas Specials.
5 days ago by Doctor Disco
I have not seen any Classic Who, just 9 and up. My favorite is probably 11, but 10 and 12 are up there too. Idk why Capaldi gets so much flak, I think he's a great Doctor. Not bad, just… different.
6 days ago by Doctor Disco
Pun not intended :P
Feb 4 by Doctor Disco
Hehe, you familiar with Undertale? Also who's your favorite Doctor.
Feb 4 by Doctor Disco
Doctor Who? :D
Feb 1 by Doctor Disco
It's not supposed to be easy reading lol. All the contradictions are on purpose, and the rambling sentences are too. I'm updating the story soon as well so xD
Feb 1 by AreWeFreshYet?
My advice with the testing is to just allocate an hour every few hours solid for work. Or half an hour even.Work for half an hour, then do something else for half. Splitting it up makes it seem like you're doing less but you're getting solid work done. Sorry about the doge ;~;

Is Doctor Who really that big of a romantic thing e.e? Liz keeps bending my ear off about it too. I don't even like it ;~; Why are all couples based on Who now. Also joke/real marriages are best marriages. If everything goes right when you meet her and you do get together make sure to treat her right and all that mushy stuff I don't like.

Also it was Josh that kept putting commas everywhere. me and sempi do that too. Must be the name.
Jan 30 by AreWeFreshYet?
Europe was nice! Very different from home so it's definitely nice to see.
I'm doing some accelerated subjects in school which produce massive amounts of work, so I'm stressed sometimes for sure. The pressure to do well in them makes it harder again! I keep it under control as best I can.
Jan 30 by ƒιzz