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Wall for Poke'slash (page 1)

Yes! The Victory of Victini has returned! Plus a cute gravatar. I see you're still worshiping Excalibur the Awesome, slash.
Sep 8 by Victini Victory
Dunsparce FTW
Sep 7 by Dunsparce
im not offended that im not on your friend list but im hurt that im not a sister
Aug 31 by hotcakes
Lookie! I'm  on the first page :D
Aug 23 by The Trapinchinator
Fool! I have been here for two years!
And thanks. :3
Aug 13 by Poke'slash
Fool! My legend began in the late 14th century!
+Happy 2 years :>
Aug 8 by TheCanisMajor
My wall is bigger >:)
Jul 31 by The Trapinchinator
Thanks! I have no idea what your grav is :P
Jul 31 by The Trapinchinator
I'm halfway to expert o3o
Jul 29 by The Trapinchinator