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Wall for Poke'slash (page 1)

I will never bow to mewderscrub
Sep 5 by Cyrax
im not offended that im not on your friend list but im hurt that im not a sister
Aug 31 by hotcakes
Lookie! I'm  on the first page :D
Aug 23 by The Trapinchinator
Fool! I have been here for two years!
And thanks. :3
Aug 13 by Poke'slash
Fool! My legend began in the late 14th century!
+Happy 2 years :>
Aug 8 by TheCanisMajor
My wall is bigger >:)
Jul 31 by The Trapinchinator
Thanks! I have no idea what your grav is :P
Jul 31 by The Trapinchinator
I'm halfway to expert o3o
Jul 29 by The Trapinchinator
that is one big wall you got there
Jul 26 by Toxicroak
I've been watching anime lately. Too much for my own good, actually. DBZ, Soul Eater, you know how it goes. I watched DBZ cause my bro wanted to watch it, Soul Eater was my own choice. You gotta love that Death the Kid though.
Jul 18 by Victini Victory