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Wall for Salamaster (page 1)

Favorite Eeveevoultion: Sylveon I guess
My Ghost gym team: Trevenant (Tank,) Froslass (Spiker), Gengar (Special Sweeper), Mismagius (Special Tank), Aegislash, (Physical Attacker) and Dusknoir (Bulky Physical Attacker)
May 29 by ~~Dazzling Sylveon~~
Then you are now a Demon :D!
+ Scale rebirth (When you die your body turns into trillions of scales which will stop at nothing to revive you. Always successful within minutes.)
+Infinite Move set, well... as many moves as legit-ish-ly a salamence can get.
+ Stats so high you've been banned from Ubers!

Enjoy the immortality of RP :D!

Other Demons
-SassyLittleMawile - Mawile
-Me, duh. -Flygon
-Esuicune - Suicune
-Puff/Dawne/what ever his name is now -Gastrodon
-Indigo -Pachirisu
OTHERS?! - Some final evolution pokemon.
May 22 by DemonFlygawne
in that case, my beldum's already there :3
hiding under your bed...seeking you impatiently...and when you peek inside-
"CROCODILE!!! RUN!!! ~=,==,='<" xD
May 20 by Qwerty Zoom
I'm gonna put the poem on my wall too.
Apr 28 by The Noby
hahaha Gratz on the 30 pointz xD

Ive decided to Go Mawile(no Mega) and Sneasel  with the Drawing...Cuz Mega Maw iz Kinda Bulky with her Scary Jaw-Trapz
Feb 14 by Sassy_Little_Mawile