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Wall for Scizornician (page 1)

Hey Sciz you're looking good as Gligurr's gravatar :P xD

(Gligurr said you're the person who's in his gravatar.)
Aug 6 by Sir Dan
What do you mean by a 'side one'?
Aug 4 by Scizornician
Hey... I was wondering if you could make a sprite of pikachu for me? I need a side view. I looked through google but couldnt find a satisfying one. :I
Aug 1 by Amiable Angemon
Thanks gurl.
Jul 21 by Immortal
Sciz, I was on pokemon showdown and saw a pokemon database server do you mind if I go on it.
Jul 19 by SethPokemon
See ya sciz
Jul 16 by Ludicobro
↓ *Editor
Jun 15 by Sir Dan
Well I don't have any control or authority over what goes on, on the site. I'm just saying if I did I would have named you a candidate for Expert :) I commented saying "What about Sciz" but my comment got hidden, apparently PX also suggested you but it was hidden. On the bright side I suppose there's always next year. :3
Jun 10 by Sir Dan
Appreciate the help given lately... yeah, I'm new to the site.
Jun 10 by The Big Fudge