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Wall for Scizornician (page 3)

Oh and this is before the recolor
Mar 10 by hotcakes
I made a sprite for Mega Kingler
Could I possibly help out with more spriting :o?
Mar 10 by hotcakes
I need a Kabutops sprite with a monocle and top hat if you get time :b
Mar 9 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
That Mega Sceptile was the best i loved it
Mar 8 by Natsu
Could you make All Mega starters?
Mar 8 by Natsu
That battle D:
Feb 26 by NonePiece
Also, Lee Erickson IZ Really GOOD!!! O__O Awesome work! Would you mind checking out My Work? I know ur talented az well, maybe you could Uze some of my Work...present or future

Ummm Here is a link to my Deviant Page, LOL Lee and I am actually Familiar with a lot of his stuff =D
Feb 24 by Sassy_Little_Mawile
Awww I see what you do for the guyz here and I think it is Super sweet. You rock girl!

Feb 24 by Sassy_Little_Mawile
See you in the finals if i dont suck so bad i lose round 1
Feb 21 by Young Reezy
Doge for the win
Feb 18 by |SentByRavens|