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Wall for Sempiternus

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Oh dat, it slipped right past me :P
6 days ago by Generekt
Ok thanks!
And hai :3
Jan 10 by It's a secret!
Absolute harem this season looks like it suks 2 js
Jan 10 by Lusty
Gonna disppear for 2 weeks, give or take a few days. So yeah, if you can be bothered to read this, I didn't go and jump off a cliff, even though Scraf makes me want to.
/me flee
Jan 10 by Sempiternus
You recommended it to me

U suk
Jan 10 by Lusty
Jan 8 by Le Scraf
Thanks a lot!
Now I have an almost infinite amount of animes on my list!
(That's a good thing) xD
Jan 8 by LeafeonLol
Or I can go watch Date a live, the anime you soooo  greatly recommended
Jan 8 by Lusty
Just because half the thing u showed me i happened to like, that doesnt mean later on i realized they were garbage

I only need slight plot and fanservice (and a waifu) to keep a series going
Jan 8 by Lusty
>am american
>ugly gravatar
Jan 7 by Le Scraf