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Wall for Sempiternus

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Gj for what?
1 day ago by !'•-Indigo-•'!
200 before mayhem hits Earth >:D

... btw semp, come on the server, wanted to ask something
1 day ago by Qwerty Zoom
Done, thanks.
1 day ago by ƒιzz
Sure, I'll try to be on the server sometime tomorrow (or today, considering it is 3:00 AM).
I'll try for around 9:00 PM Pacific Time if that works for you.
1 day ago by trachy
When homework isn't consuming my life, yes :)
2 days ago by ƒιzz
%Sempiternus: oh ****
%Sempiternus: i gtg
%Sempiternus: piano exams
Pahffo: kbai
3 days ago by Puff
You should swap your gender with your friend codes because that gender tag is overused.
3 days ago by hotcakes
Exactly 17,000 points! :o
4 days ago by demat
ur a femal? :O
4 days ago by JarJar~
You were at 16,994. Thought I'd do you a little favour :>
Congrats on 17k. :D
5 days ago by !'•-Indigo-•'!