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Wall for Sempiternus (page 1)

I can't read without my glasses. Ugh. The guy should have explicitly asked for him to take the prime factorization of 9 and 10, and multiply both of their first prime factors and add that product to the product of the second prime factors.

Nerd talk! :D
3 days ago by Radicool21
I was a Naruto fan for a little while, then the storyline got too complicated
3 days ago by Radicool21
How about that Naruto ending
3 days ago by Radicool21

yucky bro-con
5 days ago by MonoUmbreon
-gives le stuffs-
5 days ago by Tad
thas fine we dont need those doughnuts.
6 days ago by Tenebrae
Wait, hawdon, hawdon, hawdon, hawdon, hawdon. If lupus is your sister, and I'm married to her, I'm then your sister in law 0:
6 days ago by Tad
Notice me then
6 days ago by Tad
Yea I can
6 days ago by Tad
Thanks for correcting my answer mate. I'll reshow it after I edit it.
Feb 20 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)