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Gender: Genderless Shedinja
Favorite Pokémon: Shedinja, Ninjask,Greninja
Friend Codes: Forgive me!!! I lost my pokemkn X, 15 shinies, and exactly 90 pokemon away from comepleting the national pokedex!!!!
About me: So I am 12 years old now. I do not really play pokemon anymore when i got interested in basketball but i come back every now and then. I love Ninjas. The first pokemon I ever used was a nincada in emerald on my brothers gameboy. i came to love that guy a alot.

I do not have a lot of friends on Pokebase anymore because I have been gone for quit some time. I use to have a youtube channel but I do not seem to be able to commit to it.

I loveeee to battle!!!! Lets go 1 vs 1 me! Lol. But yeah i lost my pokemon showdown all day. My team is on a  15. win streak. My team does not have a shedinja unfortunately. Here is my team, give me tips plz and if you wanna battle just holler.

Miltank: leftovers, Sap siper, Impish ( Defensive Tank )
Heal Bell
Body Slam
Milk Drink

Slaking: Choice Band, Truent, Jolly ( My Revenge Killer )
Sucker Punch
Smack Down
Hammer Arm

Skarmory: Rocky Helmet, Sturdy, Impish ( Hazards )
Steel Wing
Stealth Rock

Vaporeon: Leftovers, Water Absorb, Calm ( Special Defensive Tank )

Greninja: Leftovers, Protean, Timid ( Special Attack Sweeper )
Dark Pulse
Hidden Power Fire

Scyther: Evolite, Technician, Jolly ( Physical Attack Sweeper )
Knock Off
Vacuum Wave

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Aug 31, 2013 by Mew
first wall post :)
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