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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom → England
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Friend Codes: Alpha Sapphire: 3582 - 9366 - 6543

BATTLING & CONDITIONS - I only battle on the 3DS, so don't ask me if I want a battle on Showdown because the answers going to be... no! I play by the tiers and rules set by Smogon, so if you want to battle me and don't play by Smogon's standards, then you can find another player to battle as far as I'm concerned. I play UU, OU and Ubers.
About me: I've left the site.

It's no big deal, let's be honest I was barely even on here or the DB Server anyway.

The reason for me leaving is just that there's a lot of things I want to do at the minute and the DB is such a big distraction. Being lazy doesn't help either, but because of that I don't get as much as I would like to get done everyday. So I'm hoping leaving the DB will help free up my time a little bit more, as I'll have less commitments.

Even though I'm leaving the site, I WILL still battle (on the 3DS, not Showdown). Although if you want to battle me, you'll have to add my friend code and keep an eye out for me on PSS, because obviously you can't just challenge me on my wall, as I'm leaving the site. If you see me online on PSS, feel free to challenge me anytime.

I'm not leaving permanently, however I haven't decided when I'll return. If you want to contact me at all during my absence, even if that's just to talk or to challenge me to a battle, you can contact me via:

Bye guys!

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