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Gender: Teen Guy
Country: Alabama, USA.
Favorite Pokémon: Charizard (Y), Mantine, Metagross, Alakazam, Chandelure, Gengar
Friend Codes: My 3DS Friend Code is 1220-7040-9833 and Kenn is my IGN.
About me: Phrases/Words I Think Best Describe Me: Highly Favored, Kind, Silly, Energetic, Intelligent, Carefree, Sometimes Calm, Quick Tempered at times,Competitive, Fun, Playful, Maybe Shy, Somewhat Outgoing, Active, & Impetuous.

Name Changes: xxblazexx > Sophisticles

Age: 17

My Motto:

"I learn from the mistakes of yesterday; live for God today; and hope for the best of tomorrow."

Favorite Quotes:

" I think; therefore I am." - Rene Descartes

"If you try to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you'll be." ~ Marguerite Annie Johnson (Maya Angelou)

"I'm smart, only when I have to be." ~ Sophisticles (Me)

"I am smart. (smirks) I just act "silly" so the lessers around me can feel smarter for once..."~Sophisticles

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." ~ Mark Twain

"When people see me fall I make sure they're around to see me get back up." ~ Sophisticles

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." ~ Albert Camers

Views/Faith: I believe every person should be treated equally. Every person is different and I think that if people understood this the world would be WAY better. I am a Christian, lover, and follower of God. He's my strength (especially during tiring school days :) ). I am nice to everyone unless they give me reasons to be otherwise. Being that my tolerance is high I can handle most things before getting upset. I respect everyone's worldly religions and their opinions, so I expect the same from you. I may be Christian but it doesn't mean I don't know words, I just choose to be the way I'm supposed to be and enjoy being.

Favorite PKMN Types: Flying & Electric

Favorite Author: Lemony Snicket

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Update: sheepman,  I am 33hrs away to get my Aggie ring. Got me new 2ds and up date on Pokemon x. I have a new iPhone, and a C in math 1350. How are you been and your Summer so far. Also, since we are friends, we can tradepokemon.
Jul 2 by sheepman1306
Never heard of Lemony Snicket
May 22 by Neon Snivy
Ohh ok. Omg I am seriously ready for summer like I've been ready for summer vacation since the first day of school XD

So anyways what have you been up to lately? Do you want to game chat sometime? It's been forever :D
May 7 by Care :D
I have been doing fine, I am making 2 B's this semester. Just one more week, then its summer school....sigh. How are you been?
Apr 21 by sheepman1306
Not much, just school getting slightly busier than normal. Went to Guatemala for two weeks, came back, did some drawing and other stuff. I chose my courses for next year and played with the dog.
Apr 13 by Astronautical
Heeyyyyoooo what's up Soph?
Apr 11 by Astronautical
No I'm not actually meme incarnate, that's just a thing I say. Also you say maths thing I don't understand. You seem to have the silly idea that I'm smart or something stupid.
Apr 9 by PX
Being swept by the business of dank memes.

Also not great but whatever. What's up with school? Nice to hear from ya again btw,
Apr 6 by PX
Heyy Kenn!!!!!! :D

I'm sorry i haven't replied recently I've been a busy, I hope I can make up for it :/. But any ways marching band is over now and it is the winter guard season. I hurt my ankle on the marching band trip to Virgina so I was out for the rest of the season which included championships .-. And by varsity winter guard tryouts I still wasn't cleared since I tore ligaments in my foot and after several months of phisically therapy I got cleared by the doctor and the director put me on varsity about 3 or so weeks in and of coarse everyone was pissed at me because they tried out for varsity and I didn't yet I was on there. No one helped me out and it was horrible at practice it was my first day of varsity since I was in jv and I've never done basically everything they did it really sucked it made me want to quit but luckily a friendly veteran helped me out so now I'm fine :) so anyways enough about me lol so how have you been? :)
Mar 14 by Care :D
It's a bit complicated. Alpha changed to Eon, but Eon is pretty much dead.
Sorry for wasting your time :/
Feb 26 by MechSteelix