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Member for: 2 months (since May 7)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Guy
Country: From The Far away Hoenn Region
Favorite Pokémon: Goodra all Megas Genesect and Diancie
Friend Codes: 3ds:3754-8303-1911
About me: Im a generous user who gives Mods a Hard time lol. i liek Almost Everything  And my top ten user :  5. Terlor
                  4. Mewderator
                   3. Quertyzoom
                    2. Dark typhosion
                     1. Fizz


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spam up voting is not allowed and can result in a ban i did this too and am currently on a quest to take back the 200   up-votes i gave away
Jul 11 by Toxicroak
n0 scrub
Jul 7 by Snow
wh0 are u
Jul 3 by Snow
It's called spam upvoting. Even if it's not just one person, it's still spam upvoting, and hence, not allowed
Jun 29 by Graveyard Shift
I read your about me section. You realize that's not allowed right? ¬.¬
Jun 28 by Graveyard Shift
yes im upgraded
Jun 27 by Ssj Magikarp