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Gender: Gender: Genderless Race: Mega Blastoise
Country: Unova
Favorite Pokémon: 1.Talonflame 2.Haxorus 3.MBlastoise 4.Roserade 5.Lucario 6.Mienshao 7.Chandelure 8.Gardevoir 9.Staraptor 10.Luxray Notice most of these are Sinnohese
Friend Codes: Y: 3007-8655-6241
Friend Safari type: Electric
Friend Safari pokemon: Electivire Pachirisu Manectric
About me: My favorite type: Flying
My favorite type combo: Dragon-Steel
My Party:                               My alternate Party(UU):
Jocelyn T-flame                   Metagross
Maxorus Haxour                 Red Blue Roserade
BeastlyBlast MBlast          Life Drainer Chandelure
Topsy-Turvy M-mar          Beastoise MBlastoise
Scorpy Gliscor                      I'm Da Boss Now Honchcrow
Psy-Fight T-tar                    Maxorus Haxorus

-Ash Katchem
 And the rest if the DB
Rival: Arcazues    Records Wins=2 Losses=3 Multi Wins=4  Losses=0

My trainer ID reminds me of EV training 50-250

My favorite showdown replays:

Maxwell (least popular
Talon (most popular)
"That guy sitting in the corner playing on that little hand-held contraption"

Words i've made up: Magikrap welocome un0obtainable brakedex
soison-gab boiiiiison boiiiiiint Red-I-Cu-lous!

Created tags: Assault-Vest

p.s.s. All Magiarpz are MINE!
p.s.s.s. ........Just go with it......
p.s.s.s.s. .......Plz
p.s.s.s.s.s. I'm begging you... DON'T TOUCH 'EM!

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you should add BROTTAH as a nickname XD
20 hours ago by Arcazeus
just luv how i am yur rival and that you post yur wins, those multi wins is cuz we were team :P
20 hours ago by Arcazeus
Wow 140!
Aug 15 by Talonflamers
Thanks! Even if you can't get one, just keep the blastoise.
Aug 12 by Talonflamers
yo brottah good news, tyrantrum is gonna have 4 eggs moves dragon dance and the fangs
Aug 12 by Arcazeus
dude, if by any chance i can't get shiny tyrantrum, i will give back the shiny blastoise
Aug 11 by Arcazeus
don't....... even........ try that......
Aug 2 by Talonflamers
pretty sure i have a magikarp. pretty sure it's mine. Same ot as me so...
Aug 2 by Salamaster
Aug 1 by ♛KingJordan♛
k thx
Jul 20 by Talonflamers