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Gender: Gender: Genderless Race: Mega Blastoise
Country: Unova
Favorite Pokémon: 1.Talonflame 2.Haxorus 3.MBlastoise 4.Meowstic 5.Roserade 6.Mienshao 7.Chandelure 8.Gardevoir 9.Staraptor 10.Luxray Notice most of these are Sinnohese
Friend Codes: Y: 3007-8655-6241
Friend Safari type: Electric
Friend Safari pokemon: Electivire Pachirisu Manectric
About me: My favorite type: Flying
My favorite type combo: Dragon-Steel
My Party:                               My alternate Party(UU):
Jocelyn T-flame                   Metagross
Maxorus Haxour                 Red Blue Roserade
BeastlyBlast MBlast          Life Drainer Chandelure
Topsy-Turvy M-mar          Beastoise MBlastoise
Scorpy Gliscor                      I'm Da Boss Now Honchcrow
Psy-Fight T-tar                    Maxorus Haxorus

My 6th gen team:
Sunset Up (MegaZardY)
Pink Muk(Goodra)/MeowingStick(if you cant figure this out, wow)
Nin-Frog (Greninja)
Sheild~Sword(Again, WOW!!!!)
Fairy Flower(Florges)

-Ash Katchem
 And the rest if the DB
Rival: ShyGuy  Records Wins=2 Losses=3 Multi Wins=4  Losses=0

My trainer ID reminds me of EV training 50-250

My favorite showdown replays:

Maxwell (least popular)
Talon (most popular)
"That guy sitting in the corner playing on that little hand-held contraption"

Words i've made up: Magikrap welocome un0obtainable brakedex soison-gab boiiiiison boiiiiiint Red-I-Cu-lous! Yesh!

Created tags: Assault-Vest

p.s.s. All Magiarpz are MINE!
p.s.s.s. ........Just go with it......
p.s.s.s.s. .......Plz
p.s.s.s.s.s. I'm begging you... DON'T TOUCH 'EM!

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Nov 13 by Talonflamers
Y U LEAVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Oct 29 by The Trapinchinator
That profil pic tho :P
Oct 3 by Shy Guy of Justice
Oct 2 by Talonflamers
I just thought of something so stupid it sounds amazing, we should create a youtube channel :D
Sep 30 by Shy Guy of Justice
My honchkrow is the Magic Honch
Aug 25 by The Trapinchinator
you should add BROTTAH as a nickname XD
Aug 22 by Shy Guy of Justice
just luv how i am yur rival and that you post yur wins, those multi wins is cuz we were team :P
Aug 22 by Shy Guy of Justice
Wow 140!
Aug 15 by Talonflamers
Thanks! Even if you can't get one, just keep the blastoise.
Aug 12 by Talonflamers