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on showdown, my choice scarf flygon on my triples earthquake massacre team RECKS ALL OF MANKIND, I MEAN POKEKIND!!! also flygon's mega should be like a vampire.
Mar 1 by mailjiggly
shark toge :DD
Feb 28 by BMO the robot(Bebo)
lol hai : P
Feb 23 by Keromatsu
Tego... :c  
Why u no go on chat anymore?
Jan 20 by LeafeonLol>:D
I remember you were the first person I spoke to on chat when I first joined xD
Jan 13 by VaporeonBlue
Hi Togepi :3
Jan 13 by VaporeonBlue
hi dolphin
Jan 8 by The Stray(dia)
*hates on Togepi*
Jan 4 by Smoke Weed Everyday
Hi :)
Dec 28, 2014 by Care :D