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hey, so far the pony flipnote is going great. right now I have a cute little animation of puppy shoving a hot dog in her mouth. but when I finish the whole short, i'll need voices for squeaky and puppy. sooooo who will be doing that? lol
Aug 8 by Diligent Digi-Egg
Aug 7 by 2w22 nju67 mu72
you have my pokemon -.-
and hi!
Aug 7 by 2w22 nju67 mu72
aaahh wtf is that in your grav? it  looks like 4 different people painted it
Jun 18 by Diligent Digi-Egg
Happy 2 years on DB, well I am off to 3
May 13 by Keromatsu
Oh so you is back!? and you gots a grav
May 13 by Keromatsu
toge is back :) yay
Apr 27 by BMO the robot(Bebo)
:O : P
Apr 6 by Keromatsu
on showdown, my choice scarf flygon on my triples earthquake massacre team RECKS ALL OF MANKIND, I MEAN POKEKIND!!! also flygon's mega should be like a vampire.
Mar 1 by mailjiggly