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Gender: Male
Country: Ireland
Favorite Pokémon: Torterra, Charizard, Togekiss, Infernape, Lucario.
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About me: I started playing Pokémon when I got Pokémon Platinum in August 2010. I loved it. To this day it is still my favorite Pokémon game! I didn't like Chimchar because he was scratching his butt, and at that time I didn't like penguins, so I chose Turtwig. I really wished Turtwig could look cooler, and when it evolved into Torterra, I thought it was the awesomest Pokémon ever, and it became my favorite Pokémon. After a year my Platinum just wouldn't work. I started losing interest in Pokémon. But in August 2012, my dad fixed my Pokémon Platinum! I also got Pokémon Rangers, Mystery Dungeon(Blue, Darkness and Time), White, White 2 and Conquest. I joined this site in February 2013, but I'm still a noob... :P


900th point given by ????????? on the 21st February 2014
1,000th point given by Dan on the 29th of March 2014
1,100th point given by EeveeTrainer on the 11th of April 2014 14:04 GMT

**Favorite of Each Type**

Fire: Charizard/Infernape
Water: Empoleon
Electric: Pikachu/Raichu
Grass: Torterra
Ice: Glalie
Fighting: Infernape/Lucario
Poison: Roserade
Ground: Torterra
Flying: Charizard/Togekiss
Psychic: Gallade
Bug: Gliscor
Rock: Golem/Rampardos/Bastiadon
Ghost: Glalie/Dusknoir
Dragon: Garchomp
Dark: Tyranitar
Steel: Empoleon/Lucario
Fairy: Togekiss

**Which Sinnoh Starter Type Are You?**

Question 1

What is your favourite type?

(a) Grass/Normal/Rock/Dragon/Electric/Fairy
(b) Fire/Ghost/Fighting/Poison/Flying/Psychic
(c) Water/Ice/Steel/Bug/Dark/Steel

Question 2

What is your favourite region?

(a) Sinnoh/Kanto
(b) Unova/Kalos
(c) Hoenn/Johto

Question 3

Arceus, Giratina or Dialga/Palkia?

(a) Giratina
(b) Arceus
(c) Dialga/Palkia

Question 4

Moltres, Articuno or Zapdos?

(a) Zapdos
(b) Moltres
(c) Articuno

How did you do?

Mostly (a)s: You're cool, and you're also a quick thinker, which makes you a Turtwig!
Mostly (b)s: You're always up for a challenge but you get angry easily, which makes you a Chimchar!
Mostly (c)s: You're calm and focused which makes you a Piplup!

**10 Things I Know About You**

(1) You are reading this.
(2) You are a human.
(3) You cannot say the letter ''P'' without dividing your lips.
(5) You just tried that.
(6) You are probably smiling right now.
(7) You continue to smile and you skipped Number 4.
(8) You checked if there was a Number 4.
(9) You are probably smiling because you know that almost everybody who reads this does that.
(10) You will try to get someone else to fall for this :)


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I came on Showdown 2 minutes after you left lol.
If your on Showdown later on let me know by writing on my wall, as I monitor my wall quite frequently unlike the server.
Apr 11 by Dan
Those 10 things you know about me was only funny the 1st time.
Apr 10 by Masked Torterra
Our time zones are the same so battling you shouldn't be too much of a problem. Although I'm quite busy tomorrow but I still may be able to play at 5pm depending on certain circumstances. If I don't get chance to battle you sometime tomorrow I'll be on the server for the majority of Friday and over the weekend.
Apr 9 by Dan
Yes finally someone challenges me! :)
What's your Showdown username and how often are you on Showdown?
Apr 9 by Dan
Yes i do actually
Apr 8 by Neon Snivy
Aw snap!
Apr 6 by NOBY 112
Can we change our usernames now, or was that wall post from ages ago?

Also, I kind of like my name, it was my name on club penguin. *eww*

Possible new name: NÖBY 112
Apr 4 by NOBY 112
Not for another year or so.

It's no problem, you don't have to thank me for getting you over 1000 points :P
Mar 30 by Dan
I'm pleased to give you your sixty-second up vote to get you over a 1000 points (1008 to be exact) :)

Congratulations mate :P
Mar 29 by Dan
70 pts :P
Mar 23 by Akely