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Mienfoo, Sawk, Hariyama
About me: I'm back everybody now I can battle with great connection.
Want a battle post on my wall
Jan 3 2015
Also If you say do not use Ubers do not use Ubers as of today if somebody uses an uber against me and want a rematch i'm using 1 of my own Ubers and do not bitch at me for using it for you not following your own rules.
Jan 16 2015
As of today if i see any talonflames no matter what kind of battle I am Disconnecting so if you want a battle Don't use a scrub ass Talonflame be Original
Jan 17 2015
I'm also gonna add 6-0 battle videos on here might as well have something else here

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lol dat grav tho
4 days ago by It's a secret!
that grav XD
Jan 18 by twig7211
V-man= Victory man
Jan 16 by pisc3an
I have an HA Combusken or an HA Sableye to trade for the Larvitar.
Jan 10 by Astronautical
Try signing up again :|
Jan 4 by silverdragon
So, the best thing is do not get the shadow of almenia and just get pokemon ranger?
Dec 21, 2014 by sheepman1306
Are you Vman95100 on YouTube?
Dec 9, 2014 by gengarchomp
I answered your question about the Pokemon trades locations in oras, btw :)
Nov 25, 2014 by LeafeonLol
Use this gif for when you accept one of my breeding challenges :3
Nov 20, 2014 by The Trapinchinator
K you'll be fire :3
Nov 17, 2014 by The Trapinchinator