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Wall for fondant

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You cant have opinions on anime til you've watched Green Greens, arguably one of the hidden jewels of anime.

Also come to the server so u can be cancer with me and MonoUmbreon!

desu desu GO TO THE SERVER fondant-chaaaaan~

pls respond
Jun 24 by Lusty
Hey fondant! I was wondering if you wanted to be the first to rate my first VGC 15 team. Please do so! I would like someone to come rate it, and I've only had 11 views so far, so......yeah.
Jun 1 by Arceus4ever
Wait fondant you're a robot?
Apr 23 by DA830
"Emonga" Uh, I don't get it :o!
Apr 12 by DemonFlygawne
why u hide everything thats mine?
Mar 6 by *MEGA* BLaziken
Mar 4 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)
I, late. Congrats on the Editor!! :)
Feb 26 by ItsGuillotine
Sorry for being late, but Congrats on becoming Editor! :)
Feb 25 by Sophisticles
google may be my freind but pokemon is my family. ^_^
Feb 23 by dia-sama
fondant you should use the server so I can give u cancer :>

Feb 22 by MonoUmbreon