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Wall for fondant (page 1)

Did I do something wrong by asking that question? Sorry if I did I'm new to the site
Jul 26 by MightyMudkip
But my Emonga ain't one HIT ME
May 17 by ReadyAimFire
99 questions LOL
May 13 by ☠ĐarkĦeart☠
Emolga :3
May 13 by RecreativeReshiram
new emonga.
May 13 by Le Scraf
Yay more emloga
May 12 by Sempiternus
Yay, new 'Emonga'
May 12 by [Dark Star] Greninja
That emolga tho
May 11 by The Trapinchinator
"Emonga" is Emolga's Japanese name, @wilsonna1
May 11 by Sir Terlor
Like your Gravatar.  Maybe spell Emolga right, though…
May 2 by Pimplup