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Wall for fondant (page 1)

Vilion isn't demonic tho ;~;

666 should of been Giritina imo

btw the devil's number is actually 616 so..
Feb 22 by Stay_Silent
You're meta points are 666 exactly

Feb 21 by Stay_Silent
Real life emolga!
Feb 14 by #Mega Pinsir
:P Emolga sweeping lez go
Feb 12 by Sempiternus
Teh Humble Sir Charmander bestows his greetings upon thee Depressed Little Emolga.
Feb 7 by MrKijani
"By the way, if you post something here and I don't reply, it just means idk what to say in reply, so it's best I keep my mouth shut." ~ Fondant.
Time to post something random or mildly insulting to render you speechless!
...erm... yeah I think that may have been enough...
NO WAIT.... you uh.... YOU SMELL OF.... Um... You smell.. of um...
Feb 3 by EnergyZebra
It really is ;)
Jan 29 by DA Shadow
How does it judge me?
If it gives me a bad rating, my DARKRAI will use Dark Void on your emolga and after it is asleep, I will set up nasty plot and KILL your emolga with Dream eater. OR, emolga will be dark voided into ENDLESS sleep and will forever be taunted with BAD DREAMS ABILITY. Mmwhahahahahahahahhaahhaahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahah, Mmwwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahan :) ;) >:)
Jan 26 by DA Shadow
Somehow, your picture is VERY, VERY annoying to me, is it because of emolga's face, well YES IT IS
Jan 25 by DA Shadow
Thanks for that fontant
Jan 22 by DarkStar