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gud relt pal
5 days ago by CWegz
ill do whatever i want until you become my wii u friend
5 days ago by hotcakes
Went 3-1 at Magic tonight, winning four packs (got a foil land, a Temple, and Hero's Downfall).

Went with a Green-Red ramp/self-mill. Full of crazy stuff like Ancient Silverback/Phytotitan+Hot Soup, Hornet Nest+Titanic Growth on enemy+Hunt the Weak, Soul of New Phyrexia, and x2 Restock. I sadly never got to play the Phytotitan though. :(
6 days ago by trachy
Oh dear lord, I hope this Gears of War Kinect controlled RTS isn't actually a thing. It sounds like the biggest joke ever.
Sep 12 by trachy

This website is up tomorrow. Give it your support. :D
Sep 11 by trachy
The fourth season of TloK starts airing on the 3rd of October this year :O
Sep 11 by Flafpert
Going Khan Mardu.
Sep 10 by trachy
Just finished rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I haven't seen since it originally aired. Just as good as I remember it being. A great mix of action, strong character development, and humor. The four part finale in particular is a masterpiece, especially the thirty minute fight scene.
Sep 9 by trachy