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I don't know ;-;
Aug 20 by Ninja
Also, all this crap going on in Ferguson is just that, crap. Stop rioting before even knowing the full story. Sheesh people.

Also love the story about the people who looted an Ebola clinic and stole INFECTED items. I wasn't worried about Ebola before, since I have complete faith in the capabilities of such organizations as the CDC, but if people are going to be this crazy about it, I might as well move to Antarctica and bunker down for the apocalypse.
Aug 20 by trachy
I'm not usually a fan of advocating against buying/playing a video game just because the person who made it is an asshat, since I feel that the work should be separate from the person. But that's only for silly little things like what Phil Fish tends to do. But when it's as bad as what Zoe Quinn did, I'd say never buy/support her. I don't care if she is a female, a male, or some sort of asexual jellyfish creature, a terrible person is a terrible person.
Aug 20 by trachy
But there are better ways to spread the word than to support a developer who manipulates others and causes their lives to be a hellish nightmare.
Aug 19 by trachy
Like seriously, spreading the word about depression is really important. There are a lot of people who just don't understand that just because people live a privileged life, doesn't mean that there isn't a chemical imbalance that tells us to go off ourselves. And we can't just "man up and deal with it" because when you're depressed, your mind is so f'ed up that you just end up despising yourself and you can't think of anything but how much you hate yourself. People who are depressed need love and support to make it through, they need to be helped to get to a point where they can help themselves.
Aug 19 by trachy
RIP Robin Williams.

(Reposting because developer of the game I linked to turned out to be a complete s-head c-word).
Aug 19 by trachy
Happy late birthday man  :]
Aug 19 by Ninja
Why is it that every young adult book that would make a terrible movie (Ender's Game, The Giver) is being made into a movie, yet Sabriel, a brilliant YA book that would make a great movie, isn't?
Aug 18 by trachy
Good to see you're still around.
Aug 18 by Young Reezy
Sort off. I just saw the book and liked the name, I didn't read the whole thing. I plan to, but I'm very busy, reading isn't really on my schedule.
Aug 18 by Graveyard Shift