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Wall for trachy (page 1)

Base: 5
Jungle: 3
Rocket: 3
Gym Heroes: 4
Gym Challenge: 1
Sep 16 by trachy
Trapper: 5
Haymaker: 11
Sep 16 by trachy
Fight me.
TCG style.
Sep 14 by Rio
Started watching Rick and Morty, an animated comedy on Adult Swim. Show is fantastic. Has an episode that's a parody of the Stephen King book "Needful Things".
Sep 12 by trachy
Hedron Network: While not something I would have in the mainboard, it's definitely some good sideboard tech. Has a very powerful interaction with Languish, where basically your opponent is straight out of luck. Still doesn't get Rhino though. :(

Greenwarden of Murasa: A powerful card, basically two Eternal Witness. The presence of Den Protector makes it difficult to use this guy, since Den Protector is easier on the mana. Might still see play in Green based ramp decks.

Void Winnower: This is such an awesome card, and I expect it to be cheated out a bunch with See the Unwritten. Feels very much like an Eldrazi mythic.

Felidar Sovereign: A cool reprint. Probably won't see much play. Still a very nice limited pull, since Lifelink+Vigilance can cause you to bounce back from basically anything.

Catacomb Sifter: Might actually see some play. It's 3/4 across two bodies with the scry part of Reaper of the Wilds. But this time it doesn't have to compete with Rhino for a spot.

Drana's Emissary: Such a limited bomb.
Sep 10 by trachy
Good UB control cards continue with Ulamog's Nullifier, which is basically a flying version of Mystic Snake. Will undoubtedly see play.

Spawn of Akoum is just one mana away from being constructed playable. As it is, six is a bit too expensive. Still will be a very easy first pick in limited, such a bomb.
Sep 9 by trachy
Hard to say if Bring to Light will be any good. It seems like mainly a modern card. Will Living End be fine with waiting two more turns to play Living End with the upside of being able to play cards with cmc of less than 3?
Sep 9 by trachy
It's interesting how you're rank #3 in all 3 sections.
Sep 9 by sumwun
Not very many interesting spoilers today (besides the always fantastic art from Noah Bradley) except for Smothering Abomination, which I am probably going to put into my Mardu Aristocrats deck.
Sep 8 by trachy
3 Hypno
4 Drowzee
2 Mr. Mime
4 Slowpoke
2 Dodrio
3 Doduo
4 The Rocket's Trap
4 Imposter Professor Oak's Revenge
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
4 Bill
3 Item Finder
2 Super Energy Removal
1 Misty's Wrath
1 Computer Search
1 Resistance Gym
18 Psychic Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
Sep 8 by trachy