Brand new Pokemon revealed in June's Coro Coro

Pokemon Black & White — 12 June, 2010

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed the details of several new pokemon! The collage below shows them all:

New Pokemon for Black and White, revealed June 2010
The new Pokemon are Chiramii, Mamepato, Munna, Shimama, Hihidaruma, Giaru, Meguroko

The secondary types for the Black and White legendaries have also been revealed: Reshiram, the white one, appears in Pokemon Black and is Dragon/Fire. Zekrom, the black one, appears in Pokemon White and is Dragon/Electric.

We'll be opening up our new Black and White section soon so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are some of the details for the new pokemon:

  • Chiramii: Chinchilla Pokémon, Normal-type. Can have Cute Charm or Technician ability.
  • Mamepato: Baby Pigeon Pokémon, Normal/Flying-type. Can have Super Luck ability or brand new ability Pigeon Heart, which prevents the defense stat being reduced.
  • Munna: Dream Eater Pokémon, Psychic-type. Can have Forewarn or Synchronize ability.
  • Shimama: Electrification Pokémon, Electric-type. Can have Lightningrod or Motor Drive ability.
  • Hihidaruma: Blaze Pokémon, Fire-type. Has new ability, Invigorate.
  • Giaru: Gear Pokémon, Steel-type. Can have Plus or Minus ability.
  • Meguroko: Desert Crocodile Pokémon, Ground/Dark-type. Can have Intimidate or Overconfident ability.

An image of the new Isshu region was also in the magazine:

The Isshu region in Black and White
The Isshu region in Black and White

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