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I thought it would come out as the unevolved state, Mantyke. But nooo, it just had to be a Mantine! Is that a glich in the game? Is there like a special way to get a Mantyke?

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You need the item Wave Incense. Give one of the parents it when breeding. They should produce a Mantyke egg.

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Should or would?
*Stop correcting us on grammar and spelling.
Gwammar wasn't importanty hear.
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You have to give one of the parent mantine a wave incense

TO get wave incense:

Go through the entrance to the Safari Zone in Cianwood City. Walk along the trail until you get to a cave with a man inside telling you about the ladders. Use the ladder that goes down and use surf in the water outside. Keep going left until you see a shore with a rocky wall that you can use rockclimb on. On the other side there should be the wave incense

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Ok good! I alrady have, like 900 wave incence. I'm not kidding.
Man! I hate how long it takes a Mantyke to hatch! I'm dying of impatence! x(