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I wanna know!

or maybe they have to meet a diff lvl sorry... maybe you have to trade with magmar like a karrablast and shelmet do.
That doesn't help me.

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Did you trade it while it was holding the Electrizer? Are you sure you got the right item?
Double check, maybe you did something wrong.

Oh , wow It had Magmarizer. Probably my brother sneaked when I was going to get my other DSI.
Thanks. c:
wow you answer fast mew :)
thats true.
I don't know if you people noticed...but were talking Mewderator here. The fingers go by as a blinking eye. And then the answer is up. Mew is master of the...TA-DAA moment by being able to outspeed anybody including Pokemon in typing. Tribute. BOOM.
I won in an answer battle one time I think. But I know one place Mewderator beat me with a stick. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/110631/what-determines-a-pokemon-to-go-first-in-a-battle