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Ability: Water Absorb
Pokemon: Vaporeon
Ice Beam to work with hail
Rain Dance
Hydro Pump

2nd pokemon
Ability:Snow Cloak
Pokemon: Froslass
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam
Shadow Claw

How does Ice Beam work well with Hail? Hail is not like Sunny Day and Rain Dance, it doesn't increase the power of Ice attacks. Also, there is really no point to having Vaporeon know both Rain Dance and Hydro Pump, Hydro Pump would be used instead of Surf because of the already high power which doesn't need to be any higher if it means wasting a turn. Also, Vaporeon is getting damaged by Hail, Hail is only good with Pokemon who won't be affecteed by it, either through typing or moves. Both Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw are not needed on Froslass. Nor is both Ice Beam and Blizzard. You only have two move types on Froslass. A good option would be to add in a Pokemon that knows Surf but is not a Water type, to heal Vaporeon with Surf while attacking the foe.

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It seems kind of pointless to have 2 weather moves. Why not use rain dance and use a pokemon with say- swift swim? that way you have total synergy from both pokemon. Also, in using one type, you need moves to help cover your pokemon's weakness. You could also make use of thunder since it would have 100% accuracy in the rain. Surf would also work well with vaporeon's ability. Grass pokemon also get some synergy, since rain dance weakens fire attacks giving them protection, and grass types resist grass and electric, the water type pokemon's weakness.

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DT is right, but you could have a guy with surf help vaporeon. You could even get two pokemon with water absorb both use surf. My advise would be to use a kyogre, because of his ability drizzle. It would make it rain and with his STAB he would heal vaporeon by a lot.
And vaporeon would have better water power.