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Is it true that you can breed Nidorans (both M and F), Nidorinos or Nidokings to get any Nidoran? Serebii says that you can, so?


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I bred a Nidoran female and the egg was a Nidoran male in Pokemon Platinum.

What did you breed it with?
I can't remember but I'm sure it happened, I'll edit this if I remember.
Edit: It might have been Torterra.
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Despite being a gendered species, Nidorina and its evolution Nidoqueen are unable to breed. You can breed a nidoran(female) to get more female nidoran, and breed anything in nidoran (male)'s evolution chain to make nidoran (male).

I wasn't asking on this
What did you mean then?
You can only get Nidoran male from Nidoran male, nidorino, and Nidoking.

you can only get nidoran female from other nidoran female.

You can't make them interspecies. If you breed one of each, it will result in Nidoran male.

Not everything on serebii is 100% accurate.
Ok, this is what I wanted to know. THX
wrong i speak from experince