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Brycen Man Strikes Back 3
The one with the 2 Lucarios on your team, and a Zoroark, Prop, and Mandibuzz on the other.

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Well, if you don't want to [go to Serebii][1], I'll tell you. Lines included :)


For both, you'll wanna choose "Let's go!!"

These are the things you want to do to make a good movie:
(Cuts 1 & 4 are the lines.

CUT2: Find out the Set's type!
CUT3: Beware of the opponent changing!
CUT5: Beware of the opponent changing!
CUT6: Finish it!
CUT7: Finish it!
CUT8: Finish it!
CUT9: Finish it!
CUT10: Finish it!
CUT11: Finish it!
CUT12: Finish it!
CUT13: Finish it!
CUT14: Finish it!
CUT15: Finish it!

There you go. The source is hidden up there -^

EDIT: There aren't any specific moves you need to use. "Finish It!" means to attack the opponent.

EDIT2: I would suggest using Quick Attack, and if Mandibuzz switches out, use Quick Attack, but if Zoroark is switched out, use Endure. Then Reversal. If Lucario #1 faints, then use Fury Cutter. Keep using Fury Cutter. If the Lucarios are the other way around, use Fury Cutter! It's a great move for the set. ;)
[1]: http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/pokestar/brycenman.shtml

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No, I mean what exactly do I have to do. Like use what move, or switch.
When I do that, my Lucario always end up dying :/
Don't you have two Lucarios?
Both faint.
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