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Cause chicks are amazing. ^_^
Well yeah, but that doesn't explain how he hit puberty in the middle of the season! LOL
Lol. xD

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We don't know. I do have a possible theory.
As you all may know, a phase of life called puberty changes the male voice, making it deeper. Women aren't affected much in the voice department.
To make it sound like a 10 year old, a girl actor was used to keep his voice high.

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LOLZ that is fail, he did hit puberty between two seasons of pokemon though, and now i will always picture Ash as a girl when i close my eyes. LOL
Why Bart SImpson is played by a female.
He's still a 10 year old.
His voice got deeper though.
Barts a girl?
That's because he switched actors.
Either way now i have an image of ash as a girl. You cannot theoretically unsee these things!
Many cartoon kid characters are voiced by females. Bart Simpson, Timmy Turner, and Ben Tennyson are those that come to mind.