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...So...If I fully ev train my Pokemon, and then put them in the daycare will they get those EV's? I mean because Pokemon do not gain EV s in the daycare and they get the effect of the Ev s around higher levels. So when I fully invest my 510 evs on A Pokemon- do I get the effects of the ev training?


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Yes when it reaches level 100 it will have all EVs you put into it before placing the DayCare. Im just guessing the level you will take them out will be 100, but you can always take them out before hand it will work the same.

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Edit: nvm about that I understood thanks!
Like i said if you EV train before putting them in the DayCare and you put them in the Daycare they wont get anymore evs but they will keep the ones they have. So you can finish EV Training before level 20 and put them in the Daycare until level 100. They will still have those EVs from level 20.