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I mean paired up Pokemon, like Skymory and Blissy. Please include sets, ability, and nature. EVs, IVs, and Items are not nessesary, but I'd like it.

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These guys work amazingly together. Gastro's Storm Drain protects Heatran, and in turn, Heatran provides synergy.

@ Leftovers
Ice Beam/Recover
Hidden Power Grass

@ Air Balloon
Lava Plume/Eruption
Hidden Power Ice(if Recover on Gastrodon)/Taunt
Flash Cannon
Earth Power

Good Luck!!

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Aron uses Protect the first round then Cofagrius uses Trick Room.Now that FEAR Aron can move first spam Endeavor then finish with Cofagrius who uses some move meh...let's say Energy Ball.

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Slaking and Cofagrigus, you might already know this.

Slaking uses ariel ace or some physical contact move on a cofagrigus. Make sure the cofagrigus has 252 hp evs and 252 defense evs to survive the move with ease. Slaking will get mummy and then you don't have to worry about truant anymore.

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Or use a normal type move.
If a normal type move is used there is no contact and mummy won't activate
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  • Have a Pokemon such as Lickilicky, Poliwrath, etc. with Belly Drum.
  • Have a physical sweeper with Psych Up. Because it's a TM, there are many Pokemon able to abuse this.

Here's how the combo works:
Have the Belly Drummer throw up a Belly Drum, and have its partner use Psych Up to copy the maxed out Attack level. You'll instantly have a devastatingly destructive physical powerhouse in one turn, able to storm the field of anything that gets in its way.

Other Options
If the HP cut from Belly Drum turns you off, then you can always substitute it for Swords Dance, but that'll take longer to set up, while the Belly Drum set takes but one turn to do.

Gluttony Sitrus berry linoone can abuse this, but a sash works as well.

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If you have a pokemon with Heal pulse and belly drum you can eliminate the HP cost
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Lanturn with water absorb/volt absorb.
Vaporeon/Jellicent/Jolteon with water/volt absorb.

Discharge and surf spam. Doesn't have to be these Pokemon in particular, any Pokemon that has volt absorb then can get spammed by discharge or any Pokemon with water absorb that can get spammed with surf will work. Storm drain is optional, motor drive is optional as well.

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Minus and plusle, plus and minus as abilities. Put helping hand and sash and you will get insanely owned.

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But with their miniscule attacking power, they kinda still kinda suck.
2 klingklangs...
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Accelgor and Braviary(DW Ability)

Accelgor uses struggle bug on Braivary,not very effective,Braivary`s attack is sharply raised.

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Use a Pokemon that learns soak and shedinja. Use soak on shedinja and you have 2 weaknesses

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I enjoy using two flying pokwmon, or Pokemon with levitate spamming earthquake.
I mostly use it with two flygon but Pokemon with water absorb or volt absorb come in handy as well.

Pokemon with immunities (flying immune to ground) are the key to a successful offense.

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This isn't really the most clever or complicated combination, but in double battles I like to use my Walrein and my Skarmory. Since my Skarmory's faster than my Walrein, it works well.

So first, my Skarmory uses Fly. Then my Walrein uses surf and it hits everyone on the other team without damaging your Pokemon at all. On the double battle train in my white 2 version, the strategy works really well!
It would probably work for all of the other moves that hit everyone on the field, too.

Also, another strategy could be to use swagger on your own Pokemon with the ability "Own tempo", which prevents the Pokemon from getting confused. So then your attack will raise and you won't get confused! Also, that means that in that turn you can still attack with that Pokémon.

Happy battling! ^_^

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Truant + aron (shell bell) + Dusclops trick room + Mega Beedrill.

Durant using choice scarff + Spd -Spe ; 252 Spd, Spe
X scissor
Iron head

Aron lvl 1 shellbell (or berry juice)
"winners don't need training" said by a great Pokemon master out there
(use berry juice for triples) since you are only attacked once per turn with protect and truant and trickroom, no problem. be aware of the mold breaker.

Dusclops Eviolete +Def - Spd ; 252 Def SpA
Trick room
Pain split (or Spite to finish enemy's PP or Foresight to hit ghost Pokemon)
Ice beam
Shadow sneak

Beedril (just to be covered) + atk - SpA ; 252 Atk Spd
brick break
X scissor
Poison jab

turn 1 : entretainment + protect
Turn 2: switch + endeavor
Turn 3: trick room + protect
shadow sneak or ice beam + endeavor or swagger or toxic
ice beam or shadow sneak + protect
ice beam + endeavor

Make sure to let the enemy truant Pokemon alive until the very end. Do not get greedy.
Any killer mega should do a good job on beedrill's place if you wish (Umbreon wish?).

problems: Ghost Pokemon, Mold breaker, pressure (ability) to finish your endeavor PP),
try pp max on endeavor

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