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On serebii there is a moveset for electivire that is super effective on 13 different types. I know it won't be super effective on every pokemon because dual types would make it harder, but I don't know if you can make a moveset of four moves that are super effective on all of the types. If not then what is the most you can be super effective on with four moves?

Remember sableye and spiritomb, nothing is s. effective against them, so in the case of dual types, definately not.
I know, I was talking about single type pokemon.

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Unfortunatley no but you be super efective on all types except three with one moveset

fighting type move: ice, rock, normal, dark, steel

rock type move: flying, fire, bug, ice

ground type move: electric, steel, rock, posion

ghost/dark type move: ghost, psychic

or ice type move: grass, dragon, flying

you must choose between the last two whichever you

choose will leave you with three types uncovered becuase of water.

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But now there is Eelektross who has Levitate so he is the only single typed Pokemon that has no weaknesses.
Mold Breaker...nuff said