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I know that neither of them are real but are there any reasons showing that either of them might make any sense. I understand white hand because the person said "That white hand on your shoulder, it's not real." But is there anything else that might prove either of them?

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and what glitches are these, is this even pokemon related
For once, can you be more specific?
This is Pokemon related.
Please xplain what the "buried alive and "white hand" are
I know Buried Alive is a glitch in DPP, but White Hand... I dunno.
white hand is a fan made myth...
I'm talking about them in Red Blue and Green versions. And JirachiCelebiMew do you mean for me to be more specific? And I know they're myths but they're interesting myths.

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>All of these Pokemon noobs talking about Nintendo DS glitches and underground stuff, to young to know... The buried alive glitch was part of the original Red and Blue Pokemon games on the gameboy. This feature ended up being left out of the final games but has still been accessed by methods I am not aware of. It took place in Lavender Town at the top of the tower. Buried Alive was supposed to be the boss of the tower. When you reached the top although you could not see anyone there, after reading clicking on a head stone a conversation would be started followed by a battle with Buried Alive. In the battle he had the appearance of a decaying human corpse trying to crawl its way out of the ground. He has been programmed to have two White Hands, a Gengar, and a Muk. Although they never programmed anything to happen when defeating him (the game would just freeze) if you loose the battle the Buried Alive was to have stated, “Finally, fresh meat!” followed by several lines of gibberish. He was to have then dragged the player character into the ground surrounding him. The scene would finish with a typical “Game Over” screen; however, in the background, an image of the Buried Alive character devouring the player was to have been shown. Source

Read this for the White Hand glitch. Ugh, so scary.

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I highly recommend you don't do the white hand glitch. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Time to do it XD
Good luck.
Sound cool. Just like a good ole zombie movie.
Im gonna read it wish me luck
Thanks for the good answers. I'm just gonna wait around to see if anyoune can top that. (I seriously doubt anyone will)
why shouldnt we do the white hand glich ?
i dont have yellow red or blue
I have yellow. Should I try it?