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if you notice Pikachu is #25 in the pokedex and Meowth is #52.Now, if you write 25 backwards you get 52 and if you write 52 backwards you get 25.So these numbers are the excact opposite of each other.Moving on,Pikachu is a mouse and Meowth is a cat, just like their numbers, a mouse and a cat are the opposite of each other.Is it a coincidence ?

i never noticed that before
Me either...
Hmm, considering that these are also two of the most notable icons for Pokemon and the relationship you mentioned, I think it might very well be intentional.
Also that Meowth from Team Rocket is always after Ash's Pikachu.
Love this question!! Good job at noticing this!
And team rocket's meowth is always chasing Ash's pikachu.
No it was purpose because Game Freak wanted Pikachu to have his own rival and made it Cat vs Mouse dynamic ☺️

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Never noticed it but it is just a coincidence. Very good observation but it is not impossible that it could not. I like your questions cause they really make you think.

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Thanks very much
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Just a coincidence. There is no reason for this happening... Though it is odd, it's very interesting. Kinda like Tom and Jerry :D

tom and jerry nice awnser
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It's just you but I like the way you think