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Is this a Coincidence or is it just me ?

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if you notice Pikachu is #25 in the pokedex and Meowth is #52.Now, if you write 25 backwards you get 52 and if you write 52 backwards you get 25.So these numbers are the excact opposite of each other.Moving on,Pikachu is a mouse and Meowth is a cat, just like their numbers, a mouse and a cat are the opposite of each other.Is it a coincidence ?

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i never noticed that before
Me either...
Hmm, considering that these are also two of the most notable icons for Pokemon and the relationship you mentioned, I think it might very well be intentional.
Also that Meowth from Team Rocket is always after Ash's Pikachu.
Love this question!! Good job at noticing this!

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Never noticed it but it is just a coincidence. Very good observation but it is not impossible that it could not. I like your questions cause they really make you think.

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Thanks very much
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Just a coincidence. There is no reason for this happening... Though it is odd, it's very interesting. Kinda like Tom and Jerry :D

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tom and jerry nice awnser
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It's just you but I like the way you think

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