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People CAN actually struggle with these, so here we go. Decided to throw the all together, and this finishes them up. Plus some other ways to go about through the games is nice.

Ranger Series:

Since these are somewhat limited to teams, here are guidelines:

  • Pokemon good for boss fights?
  • Good Poke Assist types?
  • Ample explanation

Mystery Dungeon Series:

2-3 Pokemon would be nice.

  • Keep in mind, some people do not have legendaries.
  • Some Pokemon can only be found in like, post post game.
  • Some will likely be using both their starters. Or at least one.
  • Ample explanation

Other side games:

  • Provide ample explanation with how to go about you Pokemon.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Post Game

Hi,welcome to my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky team! This team consists of the ever popular Riolu, the pudgy and adorable Munchlax and the grassy green and super cute Shaymin! It's your choice whether you wish to evolve Riolu and Munchlax or not...but I do recommend evolving Riolu and Lucario is quite a powerhouse. Snorlax, it seems, is just a lazy lump to me. For me, Munchlax worked better but I don't know why. Maybe just my imagination? Anyway, I'm quite fond of this team and I hope you become fond of it as well! Enjoy playing the game with them!
enter image description here/enter image description here

  • Crunch
  • Screech (Connected with Force Palm)
  • Force Palm (Connected with Screech)
  • Poison Jab

Riolu was my starter in the game but I was aiming for Charmander. Since then, I've discovered this guy is great against powerful bosses like Dialga, but has major downfalls against Drowzee, Manectric and Dusknoir. Manectric always caused Riolu to get paralyzed because of it's static and Riolu's specialty in Physical moves. Against Dialga however this guy rocked Temporal Tower!!! His Force Palm got me ever so closer to beating the giant Legendary!! And when it evolves, you practically have a crow in a wind tunnel; A lethal weapon! Riolu also has some coverage moves such as Bite so that helps. Even reversal can save you against Manectric and his cronies.

Now to explain the set. I've put little thought into the set, as it practically made itself! It's pretty obvious why I use Crunch! Against Dusknoir, I realized before I battled him that I had zero coverage, so I went out and had my Riolu learn Crunch. Then when I was battling Dusknoir, it was pretty easy what with Grovyle and Munchlax at my side.Screech and Force Palm are connected because I realized they work great a combo. Screech forces itself out first lowering the opponent's defense and then we lash out with a Force Palm while the opponent's defense it minus two! Finally, I put in Poison Jab because it's great coverage against Ground Types.
enter image description here/enter image description here

enter image description here/enter image description here


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Will add more explanation later.
Need moves too, please.
Yep, it's all going in. At the moment only Riolu is finished.
On my lovely Lucario I ran Force Palm, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, and Dark Pulse. Ran through the story swimmingly.